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Sea Excursion with SOS Grand Bleu

Mediterranean marine mammal encounter

We set sail on a 16th century sailing ship run by SOS Grand Bleu, a local association created in 1989 to promote the protection of marine mammals and their environment.
The ancient Aegean fishing boat leaves from the port of St. Jean Cap Ferrat in the direction of the Pelagos marine sanctuary located 40km off the coast.
The sanctuary was set up in 1999 as a collaborative initiative between France, Italy and Monaco to protect marine mammals and their habitat.

Every day at 9am, two SOS Grand Bleu skippers welcome aboard 14 passengers for an educational trip approved by the ministry for Youth and Sport.
During the trip, passengers are given data sheets and are invited to participate in observations used to confirm GPS data and animal population data.
The excursion is an opportunity for both young and old to learn about the basics of traditional navigation and sailing manoeuvres, as well as marine mammal identification based on shape, colour and animal behaviour.
The excursion lasts until 5pm and includes an onboard picnic and off-shore swimming.

SOS Grand Bleu BP 29
06230 Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat
Tel: 04 93 76 17 61


20 Août 2012
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