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photo Lorgues

Service Com Mairie de Lorgues©
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Escapade Lorgues


OT de Lorgues
12 rue du 8 mai
83510 Lorgues
Tel : 04 94 73 92 37

Le Château Roubine organise des visites uniquement sur rendez-vous:

Le Château Ste Béatrice vous propose de découvrir son musée:

Idyllically located in the department of Var, halfway between the Verdon and the Gulf of St. Tropez, Lorgues is a well maintained village that is blessed with many quality wine-making estates. Lorgues’ unspoilt natural setting and rich religious art heritage add to the beauty of this tranquil village with an Epicurean heart.


Religious historic riches

St. Martin is one of the largest churches in the department of Var and is open to visitors. Its impressive façade dominates one of Lorgues’ little squares. This important building dates back to the 18th century. Indeed, the commune is dotted with chapels, and the dolmen erected at St. Jeaume on the Carcès road constitutes a heritage and historic attraction.


The commune’s collection of religious works and objects

Created in 1990, St. Ferréol de Lorgues retreat is a private communal site famous for its collection of ex-votos. Guided and unguided tours are available by prior arrangement with the Tourism Office. Aside from its painted ex-votos, it has around a hundred religious works and objects: processional banners, costumes, registers of grey and white penitents, 18th century holy books and so on.


Panoramic views, peaceful hamlets and unspoilt waterfalls

Just 1 km north east from the centre of Lorgues, we climb a long windy road to St. Ferréol Chapel from where we can enjoy views over the village below. Further along, at the bottom of the 12m St. Michel waterfall, and where a natural bridge has formed, we can watch the River Florieye flowing past. The river feeds various ponds that in the summer are perfect for bathing in. Just a few meters past the bridge, we reach the little hamlet of Sauveclare, whose lush green setting is perfect for summer picnics.


Estates to visits and vintages to taste

Packed with forests and river, the land around Lorgues has been planted with vineyards and olive groves.
While Château Roubine and Château Ste Béatrice are the most famous wine ambassadors of the area, many other wine-growing estates in the commune and surrounding areas are open to visit. Most of the properties in the Var department offer fun, educational and epicurean courses where you can learn about grape varieties, follow wine courses, enjoy wine tastings and go on tours of the estates.

The Château Roubine organizes visits by appointment only :
The Château Ste Béatrice invites you to discover its museum :

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