photo Stroll around Bandol

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photo Stroll around Bandol

OT Bandol©
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Escapade Stroll around Bandol


Look out, access to the coastal path is forbidden in bad weather.

If you have no more time but have the desire and strength to do this route in the opposite direction, a bus line can take you back to Bandol.

You can get information at the Saint Cyr sur Mer Tourist Office, the details of which are as follows :
Place de l'appel du 18 juin - Les Lecques
83270 Saint Cyr sur Mer
Tel :

After the summer’s commotion, the towns around the Côte d’Azur are in the process of rediscovering the sweetness of life. We invite you to come and discover Bandol, a small town situated right next to the sea and built around its port between Sanary and Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer.

Stroll around Bandol

The ideal way to peruse and discover Bandol is to park your car in one of the town’s public car parks. From here, you can meander around the streets, buy an ice cream from one of the many ice-cream sellers, go into one of the many restaurants for a nice meal or have a look around the wide range of shops. Along your way, you will arrive at the market square, the true heart of Bandol where the markets take place every day, embalming the little side streets of the neighbourhood.

Keep your eyes wide open as Bandol has various hidden treasures! The town having been built slowly, little by little, since the XVIIIth century, has numerous notable buildings, villas, squares and fountains, all in various different architectural styles. The Tartane Villa, along with its beautiful terracotta type colour, can be found at the top of the Maillet slope. From exactly the same spot, you will have a beautiful view of the port.

The coastal path

If you go back down towards the seafront which links Bandol with Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, you will discover the little path from the Bandol peninsula or from the Baie de l’Anglaise. From this point, there is no more road but simply a small track which is very well marked out. The noise of the waves and the summer cicada songs will accompany you along the whole length of this pathway which goes on for more than 10 km. Thus, one should really put aside four hours to fully enjoy and appreciate this countryside and its views.

It is the most pleasant and agreeable of pathways, you can admire the Embiez Island from afar. There are pine trees which form an arch above everyone’s heads, hidden insects, mainly cicadas, in the barks of the pine trees and hidden creeks, all very much valued and prized during this beautiful season.

This coastal path is, however, a little long, especially if you have not specifically designated your whole day to it. The advantage is that you can just go half way round if you so wish and the distances between the two towns are constantly indicated.

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