photo Carnet d'inspiration by Corinne Paolini

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Carnet d'inspiration by Corinne Paolini

Launch of the « Carnet d'inspiration » by Corinne Paolini dedicated to Nice

"Encre d'Or Editions" :

Corinne Paolini, one of the most devoted writers to her territory and the Côte d'Azur, launched a "Carnet d'Inspiration" in 2011, a charming and innovative inspiration album dedicated to Nice.
The Carnet is presented in an attractive gift box decorated with a watercolour painting. This album of shared ideas and discoveries brings together a collection of culinary, artistic and human treasures from the Côte d'Azur capital.
The album represents an affectionate tour of Nice via words from its famous residents, recipes donated by great chefs, drawings, quotations, soulful writings and photographs, old and new.


04 Août 2011
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