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Vino e Cucina

« VINO e CUCINA » in Nice

All the flavours of Italy, with good humour and passion added...

118, bis bd de Cessole
Tél. : -
Fabio Merra – Laura Marini
Open: 12h-14h30 and 19h-22h30
Closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday
Lunch Menu €15 – Set menu €35 evening

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the finest homages ever given to Italian cuisine is found here at Vino e Cucina. The young Italian chef, Fabio Merra, who has already accumulated extensive experience of working in some great restaurants (Louis XV and Grill at the l’Hôtel de Paris in Monaco, L’Andana in Tuscany, le Spoon in Paris, and the Negresco in Nice) and his girlfriend Laura have set up shop, bringing their good humour to the charming Cessole quarter of Nice. From within the restaurant's pearl grey walls and chocolate brown hall with mezzanine and heated terrace, they take us on a journey through Tuscany, Puglia, Le Marche and Abruzzo.

Their bold combination of high quality ingredients blend to create a respectful palette of flavours. The beautiful products sourced by Fabio's family in southern Italy or brought across the national border by Fabio himself who also grows a vegetable garden in Falicon, underscore a menu that changes monthly and includes such dishes as Mozzarella "burrata" from Puglia, white truffle risotto from Piedmont, Venetian veal liver, olives from Liguria and porcini mushrooms, baked mango panacotta, platter of alpine cheeses and home-grown fig jam.
Full immersion into this gastronomic journey continues with the wine menu which also has a strong Italian accent, an agreable lilt that is also echoed in the warm welcome and attentive and enthusiastic service found here.

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