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1916 : Beginning of the Battle of the Somme

On 1 July 1916, the British launched an offensive in the Bay of the Somme. Because of the power of the German heavy machine guns, 20,000 British soldiers were killed that day and 40,000 injured. The battle lasted four months and won only 8km.

1942 : Start the Battle of El Alamein

On 1 July 1942, the Battle of El Alamein, Egypt begins between the Axis forces commanded by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and the Allied troops commanded by British General Claude Auchinleck. Having pushed the Afrika Korps of Rommel in Libya, British forces were attacked by German forces and had to retreat to El Alamein, near Alexandria.
But with the supply of the United States and a reinforcement of troops from the Commonwealth countries, the troops of General Auchinleck succeeded in pushing the Afrika Korps to the withdrawal. This was the beginning of regaining control of North Africa by the Allies.

1997 : Hong Kong returned to China

On 1 July 1997, the United Kingdom returned Hong Kong to China in a ceremony involving Chinese President Jiang Zemin, the Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, the Prince of Wales and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The British had have control of the island of Hong Kong since 1841. The transfer of authority went smoothly and Hong Kong maintained a special political and economic status.

2008 : Mandela removed from the Terror Watch List by the United States

On 1 July 2008, George W. Bush signs law removing the name of Nelson Mandela from the Terror Watch List by the United States. The name of the former South African president was added in 1964 when the apartheid government of South Africa had considered his party, the ANC, as a terrorist organization. Incredible as it may seem, the name of one of the most popular and remarkable men of the twentieth century was put on the list and was still there in 2008.

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Tartan Day in Australia and New Zealand
July 1 is Tartan Day in Australia and New Zealand. The two countries have chosen that day to celebrate Scottish traditions because it is the anniversary of the repeal of the Act of Proscription of 1746, on 1 July 1782. The Act of Proscription prohibited, among other things, to wear Highland clothing (made ​​from tartan).
National Day in Rwanda and in Burundi
July 1 is National Day of Rwanda and Burundi who are celebrating their independence gained in 1962 against Belgium.
Canada Day
July 1 is Canada Day. On this day we commemorate the country's first constitutional act of 1867. Canada gained its independence from England, gradually, between 1867 and 1982.
The motto is: A mari usque ad mare (from an ocean to another).

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Erwin Rommel
Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning.

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George Sand, Scrittrice francese (1804)
Louis Blériot, Aviatore francese (1872)
Léon Jouhaux, Leader sindacale francese, Nobel per la Pace (1879)
Charles Laughton, Attore inglese (1899)
William Wyler, Regista americano (1902)
Amy Johnson, Aviatore francese (1903)
Estée Lauder, Co-fondatore della azienda cosmetici Estée Lauder Companies (1906)
Olivia de Havilland, Attrice inglese americana (1916)
Farley Granger, Attore americano (1925)
Hans Werner Henze, Compositore tedesco (1926)
Gerald Edelman, Biologo americano, premio Nobel (1929)
Leslie Caron, Attrice francese (1931)
Claude Berri, Attore e regista francese (1934)
Karen Black, Attrice americana (1939)
Alfred G. Gilman, Biochimico americano, premio Nobel per la Medicina (1941)
Geneviève Bujold, Attrice canadese (1942)
Debbie Harry (Blondie), Cantante americana (1945)
Dan Aykroyd, Attore canadese (1952)
Alan Ruck, Attore americano (1956)
Carl Lewis, Atleta americano (1961)
Diana Spencer, Principessa del Galles (1961)
Bernard Laporte, Allenatore di rugby francese (1964)
Pamela Anderson, Attrice e modella canadese (1967)
Julianne Nicholson, Attrice americana (1971)
Claire Forlani, Attrice inglese (1972)
Patrick Kluivert, Calciatore olandese (1976)
Liv Tyler, Attrice americana (1977)
Hilarie Burton, Attrice americana (1981)

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Charles Goodyear, Inventore americano (1860)
Allan Pinkerton, Detective privato americano (1884)
Harriet Beecher Stowe, Abolizionista e autore americana (1896)
Erik Satie, Compositore francese (1925)
William Lawrence Bragg, Fisico inglese, premio Nobel (1971)
Juan Perón, Presidente dell'Argentina (1974)
Michael Landon, Attore e regista americano (1991)
Margaux Hemingway, Attrice americana (1996)
Robert Mitchum, Attore americano (1997)
Edward Dmytryk, Regista americano (1999)
Sylvia Sidney, Attrice americana (1999)
Walter Matthau, Attore americano (2000)
Nikolay Basov, Fisico russo, Premio Nobel (2001)
Marlon Brando, Attore americano (2004)
Karl Malden, Attore americano (2009)
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