It happened one 04 March

1789 : U.S. Constitution

On 4 March 1789, the U.S. Constitution came into force after its ratification by the U.S. Congress, which elected, the same day, George Washington as first President of the United States.

1790 : Creating the French departments

On 4 March 1790, the French departments were created by the National Constituent Assembly. They replaced the regions of the Old Regime by smaller and more homogeneous entities .

1899 : Cyclone Mahina

On 4 March 1899, Category 5 Cyclone Mahina hit Bathurst Bay in Australia. A wave of 12 m high penetrated up to 5 km inland, killing over 400 people.

1918 : Spanish flu

On 4 March 1918, the first case of Spanish flu is discovered in Kansas. This was the start of a pandemic that took between 50 and 100 million deaths worldwide.

1977 : Vrancea earthquake

On March 4, 1977, an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 on the Richter scale occured in the Vrancea county in Romania. Over 1500 people were killed.

2005 : U.S. blunder in the release of Giuliana Sgrena

On March 4, 2005, during the release of the Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena, after a month of detention in Iraq, the car carrying her is reached by the firing of U.S. soldiers at a checkpoint. The Italian agent responsible for the release of the hostage is killed.

2011 : Rubina Ali lost her house

Rubina Ali, the young actress who played young Latika in Slumdog Millionaire, lost her house and all her memories of the film's success in the fire of the Garib Bagar slum in Mumbai. Rubina Ali was soon to move into an apartment paid for by the film production.

Quote of the day : 04 March

George Washington
It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.

Birthdays : 04 March

Antonio Vivaldi, Italian composer (1678)
Henry Raeburn, Scottish painter (1756)
Alfred William Rich, English painter (1856)
Garrett Morgan, American inventor (1877)
Thomas Stribling, American writer (1881)
John Garfield, American actor (1913)
Giorgio Bassani, Italian writer (1916)
Joan Greenwood, English actress (1921)
Paula Prentiss, American actress (1938)
Adrian Lyne, English director (1941)
Greg Craig, White House Counsel (1945)
James Ellroy, American writer (1948)
Shakin' Stevens, Welsh singer (1948)
Chris Rea, English singer (1951)
Umberto Tozzi, Italian singer (1952)
Rose Laurens, French singer (1953)
François Fillon, Prime Minister of the French Republic (1954)
Dominique Pinon, French actor (1955)
Thierry Pastor, French singer (1960)
David Sparrow, Canadian actor (1962)
Yury Lonchakov, Russian cosmonaut (1965)
Patsy Kensit, English actress (1968)
Fergal Lawler, Irish drummer (The Cranberries) (1971)
Ana Guevara, Mexican athlete (1977)
Tom De Mul, Belgian footballer (1986)
Paddy Madden, Irish footballer (1990)

They left us one 04 March

Jean-Baptiste Greuze, French painter (1805)
Jean-François Champollion, Decipherer of the Egyptian hieroglyph (1832)
Nikolai Gogol, Russian writer (1852)
Paul Préboist, French actor (1997)
Claire Davenport, English actress (2002)
Margarete Neumann, German writer (2002)
Sébastien Japrisot, French writer and screenwriter (2003)
Claude Nougaro, French singer (2004)
Stephen Sprouse, American fashion designer (2004)
Gary Gygax, Game designer (Dungeons & Dragons) (2008)

Tip of the Day : 04 March

Colorful clothes

To revive the colors of clothing, jeans or bright colors, or to set the colors before the first wash, soak the clothes in a basin of water with a glass of white vinegar for an hour before washing.

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