It happened one 07 January

1785 : First Channel crossing by balloon

On January 7, 1785, French Jean-Pierre Blanchard and American John Jeffries crossed the Channel for the first time by balloon, between Dover and Calais. They almost ended up in the sea and had to throw overboard everything they found in order to stay in the air to Calais.

1789 : First U.S. presidential election

On January 7, 1789 the first presidential elections in the U.S. are held. White men who own property in one of the States vote for the state electors who then choose the President. As expected, George Washington became the first president of the United States.

1979 : End of the Khmer Rouge regime

On January 7, 1979, Vietnamese troops seized the capital of Cambodia Phnom Penh and toppled the regime of Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge.

1980 : Indira Gandhi re-elected

On January 7, 1980, Indira Gandhi was re-elected by an overwhelming majority three years after having been rejected for her "emergency dictatorship". Her Congress party won 351 out of 525 seats in the lower house of Indian parliament.

2009 : Export of Russian gas to Europe stopped

On January 7, 2009, Russia stopped completely to export gas to Europe via Ukraine due to a dispute between Ukraine and Gazprom over a debt of $ 2.4 billion. An agreement was reached between Ukraine and Gazprom on January 20.

Latest news : 07 January

Victory from Genocide Day
On this day we commemorate the end of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia.
Nanakusa no sekku
On January 7th, Nanakusa No sekku, Festival of Seven Herbs, is celebrated in Japan. The Japanese eat rice porridge made of seven wild spring herbs :
Japanese parsley (seri), Shepherd's purse (nazuna), Jersey Cudweed (gogyō), Common chickweed (hakobera), Nipplewort (hotokenoza), Turnip (suzuna), daikon (suzushiro).

Quote of the day : 07 January

Simone Signoret, actrice Française
My heart is a closet where all the costumes for my characters are hooked.

Birthdays : 07 January

Charles Péguy, Poet (1873)
Charles Addams, American cartoonist (1912)
Jackie Sardou, French actress (1919)
Jean-Pierre Rampal, French flutist (1922)
Valeri Kubasov, Cosmonaut (1935)
Elvis Presley, Singer (1935)
Frederick D. Gregory, Astronaut (1941)
Kenny Loggins, Singer (1948)
Erin Gray, Actress (1950)
David Caruso, Actor (1956)
Linda Kozlowski, Actress (1958)
Supriya Pathak, Indian actress (1961)
Nicolas Cage, Actor (1964)
Nick Clegg, British Liberal Democrat Leader (1967)
Dustin Diamond, Actor (1977)
Lewis Hamilton, F1 racing driver (1985)
Gregor Schlierenzauer, Austrian ski jumper (1990)

They left us one 07 January

François Fénelon, Writer (1715)
Allan Ramsay, Scottish poet (1758)
Thomas Lawrence, Painter (1830)
François-Vincent Raspail, Chemist (1878)
Jožef Stefan, Slovenian physicist and mathematician (1893)
Edmund Barton, Prime Minister of Australia (1920)
John Berryman, Poet (1972)
Alfred Kastler, French physicist (1984)
Trevor Howard, Actor (1988)
Michel Auclair, Actor (1988)
Hirohito, Emperor of Japan (1989)
Vladimir Prelog, Croatian chemist (1998)

Tip of the Day : 07 January

Conduire sur la neige

Il faut avoir une conduite souple et éviter les comportements brusques:

- Freinage: éviter au maximum les coups de frein brusques. Freiner par a-coups en cas de dérapage.
- Accélération: ne pas accélérer trop fort, pour éviter le patinage des roues
- Vitesse: Eviter les vitesses excessives.
- Démarrage: démarrer en seconde, pour éviter également le patinage des roues
- Virage: Ne pas tourner le volant trop brusquement afin d'éviter de partir tout droit.

* Warning

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