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1893 : First act of civil disobedience of Gandhi

On June 7, 1893, Mohandas K. Gandhi, a young Indian lawyer working in South Africa is thrown off a train where he was traveling in first class while it was prohibited under the laws of racial segregation in the country. This incident was the starting point of his struggle for Indian rights and all civil rights, first in South Africa then in India, always according to his principles of nonviolence.

1913 : First ascent of Mount McKinley

On 7 June 1913, a team of montaineers led by Hudson Stuck climbed Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America. The first on the summit was Walter Harper followed by Harry Karstens and Robert Tatum. The conditions on Mount McKinley are among the toughest in the world because of its latitude, near the Arctic, in Alaska. Temperatures down to -73 ° C have been recorded.

1937 : Death of Jean Harlow

On 7 June 1937, the MGM movie star Jean Harlow died of acute renal failure. Her life could have been the subject of a drama fimed by any major studio. At the time of her death, she was one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood. She played with the biggest male stars. She was divorced 3 times. She was afflicted with a pervasive mother determined to control her life. She was 26.

1942 : End of the Battle of Midway

On 7 June 1942, the Battle of Midway ended. This was the turning point of the Pacific War. The Japanese who wanted to annihilate the rest of the American fleet at Midway, were opposed by the Americans who had intercepted Japanese messages and who knew the details of the attack. The Japanese fleet was badly damaged and this battle marked the beginning of the American counter-offensive in the Pacific.

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Sette Giugno
June 7 is a national holiday in Malta to commemorate the riots against the British rule of 7 June 1919. 4 people were killed. Malta gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1964.
Union Dissolution Day in Norway
June 7 is the Union Dissolution Day in Norway, which commemorates the country's independence from Sweden voted by the Norwegian parliament on June 7, 1905.

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Jean Harlow
When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

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Robert Jenkinson, Primer ministro del Reino Unido (1812 - 1827) (1770)
Beau Brummell, Dandy inglés (1778)
Amelia Edwards, Egiptólogo inglés y escritor (1831)
Paul Gauguin, Pintor francés (1848)
Philipp Lenard, Físico alemán, premio Nobel (1862)
Robert S. Mulliken, Químico estadounidense, Premio Nobel (1896)
Imre Nagy, Político húngaro (1896)
Jessica Tandy, Actriz inglesa americana (1909)
Dean Martin, Cantante y actor americano (1917)
Georges Marchais, Político francés (1920)
James Ivory, Director de cine americano (1928)
Tom Jones, Cantante galeso (1940)
Liam Neeson, Actor irlandés (1952)
Johnny Clegg, Músico de Sudáfrica (1953)
William Forsythe, Actor americano (1955)
Prince, Músico americano (1958)
Thierry Hazard, Cantante francés (1962)
Roberto Alagna, Cantante de ópera francés (1963)
Mahesh Bhupathi, Tenista india (1974)
Bear Grylls, Aventurero y presentador de televisión inglés (1974)
Anna Kournikova, Jugadora de tenis rusa (1981)
Michael Cera, Actor canadiense (1988)

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David Cox, Pintor inglés (1859)
Jean Harlow, Actriz americana (1937)
Alan Turing, Científico inglés (1954)
Judy Holliday, Actriz americana (1965)
Dorothy Parker, Escritora americana (1967)
Dan Duryea, Actor americano (1968)
Henry Miller, Escritor y pinto americano (1980)
Max Factor, Jr, Hombre de negocios estadounidense (1996)
Carole Fredericks, Cantante americana (2001)
Dino Risi, Director de cine italiano (2008)
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