eso ha pasado un 10 Mayo

1857 : Mutiny of sepoys in India

The mutiny of the sepoys, the Indian soldiers, against their officers of the British East India Company in Meerut in northern India lead to a revolt of the sepoys in the whole country that lasted nearly a year. The repression by the British forces was particularly bloody before they manage to regain control.

1924 : J. Edgar Hoover named director of the Bureau of Investigation

On May 10, 1924, J. Edgar Hoover was appointed director of the Bureau of Investigation by the U.S. President. In 1935, he created the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a federal agency efficient against crime and a internal intelligence agency. He remained director of the FBI until his death in 1972, becoming a character increasingly controversial because of his illegal methods and his harassment of political activists.

1933 : Nazi censorship

On May 10, 1933, Nazi Germany began its massive book burnings against all the books it considers anti-German.

1940 : Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister

On May 10, 1940, Winston Churchill became the leader of a coalition government after the resignation of Neville Chamberlain. His refusal of defeat and surrender strengthen the determination and courage of the British population.

1941 : Rudolf Hess parachuted into Scotland

On 10 May 1941, Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy, was parachuted into Scotland to apparently negotiate peace with England. He was arrested and remained a prisoner until the war ended. He was tried at Nuremberg with other Nazi officials and was sentenced to life. He spent the rest of his life in Spandau Prison in Berlin, the last 20 years as the only prisoner.

1981 : François Mitterand elected

On May 10, 1981, the socialist François Mitterand was elected president of the French Republic, ending over 20 years of Conservative governments.

Cita del día : 10 Mayo

Winston Churchill
Politics is the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen.

Cumpleaños : 10 Mayo

Fushimi, Emperador de Japón (1265)
Anne-Robert Turgot, Economista francés (1727)
Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, Oficial francés, compositor de La Marsellesa (1760)
Antoine Lasalle, General francés (1775)
Augustin-Jean Fresnel, Físico francés (1788)
Gustav Stresemann, Politico alemán, Premio Nobel de la Paz (1878)
Max Steiner, Compositor austriaco (1888)
Alfred Jodl, General alemán (1890)
Dimitri Tiomkin, Compositor ucraniano (1894)
Einar Gerhardsen, Primer ministro de Noruega (1897)
Fred Astaire, Bailarín y actor estadounidense (1899)
David O. Selznick, Productor americano (1902)
Ettore Scola, Director de cine italiano (1931)
Barbara Taylor Bradford, Novelista británico (1933)
Françoise Fabian, Actriz francesa (1933)
Jean Becker, Director de cine francés (1938)
Marina Vlady, Actriz francesa (1938)
Jim Abrahams, Director de cine americano (1944)
Marie-France Pisier, Actriz francesa (1944)
Sid Vicious, Músico inglés (Sex Pistols) (1957)
Paul David Hewson (Bono), Músico irlandés (U2) (1960)
Merlene Ottey, Atleta esloveno nacida en Jamaica (1960)
Bruno Madinier, Actor francés (1960)
Bruno Wolkowitch, Actor francés (1961)
Lisa Nowak, Astronauta americana (1963)
Emmanuelle Devos, Actriz francesa (1964)
Linda Evangelista, Supermodelo canadiense (1965)
Jonathan Edwards, Atleta inglés (1966)
Bob Sinclar, DJ francés (1967)
John Scalzi, Escritor estadounidense (1969)
David Weir, Futbolista escocés (1970)
Sylvain Wiltord, Futbolista francés (1974)
Nicolas Touzaint, Jinete francés (1980)
Humberto Suazo, Futbolista chileno (1981)

Nos han dejado un 10 Mayo

Go-Kameyama, Emperador de Japón (1424)
Leonhart Fuchs, Botánico alemán (1566)
Jean de La Bruyère, Escritor francés (1696)
Nakamikado, Emperador de Japón (1737)
Louis XV, Rey de Francia (1774)
Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, Químico y físico francés (1850)
Stonewall Jackson, American General de la Confederación (1863)
Joan Crawford, Actriz americana (1977)
Yves Robert, Director de cine francés (2002)
Soraya, Músico colombiano (2006)
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