12 May

1903 : Theodore Roosevelt filmed in San Francisco

On May 12, 1903, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was filmed during his trip to San Francisco. This was the first time a president was filmed doing his job. Theodore Roosevelt subsequently attempted to be filmed as much as possible in its activities.

1937 : George VI crowned king

On 12 May 1937, after the abdication of his brother Edward, George VI became King of the United Kingdom at Westminster Abbey.

1943 : The Afrika Korps surrendered in Tunisia

On 12 May 1943, the Deutsches Afrika Korps surrendered in Tunisia. It was created in 1941 by the Germans to strengthen the Italian troops in Libya and Tunisia. When its command was assigned to General Erwin Rommel, its offensive became successful. until the British offensive at El Alamein, on November 23, 1942.
Rommel still defeated the Americans at the Battle of Kasserine before being called back to Berlin. Shortly after the Afrika Korps capitulated.

1949 : Berlin Blocus lifted

On May 12, 1949, the Soviet Union lifts the blockade of Berlin after 11 months of supply to the western part of Berlin by the British and Americans. The Soviet Union wanted to protest against the desire to create a West Germany by the remaining Allied (USA, England and France). but preferred to lift the blockade when it realized it would fail.

2008 : Earthquake in Sichuan Province

On May 12, 2008, an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 on moment magnitude scale, hit the Sichuan province in China. Nearly 70,000 people were killed and many buildings destroyed. 5 million people were left homeless.

: 12 May

International Nurses Day
May 12 is International Nurses Day. That day, we honor the work done by nurses in history. This day was chosen in reference to the Florence Nightingale's birthday. Nightingale laid the foundations of modern nursing. This year's theme is : Increasing Access and Equity.

: 12 May

Theodore Roosevelt
Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft.

: 12 May

Florence Nightingale, English nurse and statistician (1820)
Jules Massenet, French composer (1842)
Gabriel Faur, French composer (1845)
William Giauque, American chemist, Nobel Prize (1895)
Katharine Hepburn, American actress (1907)
Dorothy Hodgkin, English biochemist, Nobel Laureate (1910)
Tony Hancock, English actor (1924)
Sam Nujoma, 1st President of Namibia (1929)
Michel Fugain, French singer (1942)
Gabriel Byrne, Irish actor (1950)
Bruce Boxleitner, American actor (1950)
Ving Rhames, American actor (1959)
Emilio Estevez, American actor (1962)
Vanessa A. Williams, American actress (1963)
Stephen Baldwin, American actor (1966)
Catherine Tate, English actress (1968)
Tony Hawk, American skateboarder (1968)
Mark Foster, English swimmer (1970)
Jonah Lomu, New Zealand All Black rugby player (1975)
Jason Biggs, American actor (1978)
Marcelo Vieira, Brazilian footballer (1988)

Ils nous ont quitt un 12 May

Jacques Binet, French mathematician (1856)
Anselme Payen, French chemist (1878)
John Cadbury, Businessman in chocolate (1889)
Amy Lowell, American poet (1925)
Erich von Stroheim, Austrian director and actor (1957)
Nelly Sachs, German writer, Nobel Prize in Literature (1970)
Jean Dubuffet, French painter (1985)
Jacqueline Maillan, French actress (1992)
Irena Sendler, Polish WWII heroine (2008)

: 12 May

Greet a person in Japan

In Japan, signs of respect are still important today, even if society has evolved.
To learn how to greet someone, it is best to imitate his way. When you meet someone, we should not extend our hand right away but wait until the person does. The Japanese shake hands softly : this does not mean that the person is not dynamic, it's just a matter of culture.
If the person bow, we should do the same with the same degree of tilt.
Then we exchange our cards, preferably at the same time, before any business conversation.
It is impolite to write on the card of someone, or put the card in our pocket or wallet while the person is still standing in front of us.
We should also avoid touching the person other than to shake his hand. It is also rude to fix him too long in the eyes.
If the first impression we give is good, business relationships will be easier.


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