13 October

1943 : Italy declared war to Germany

On October 13, 1943, Italy, largely under the control of the Allies, declared war on Germany, its former partner in the Axis forces.

1972 : Crash of a Uruguayan flight in the Andes

On October 13, 1972, Fuerza Area Uruguaya flight 571, carrying 45 people, including a rugby team, crashed in the Andes over 3600m above sea level. When the survivors had no more food or any object that could be eaten, they were forced to eat their dead comrades. Survivors heard on the radio that no help would come, so two of them tried to reach Chile on foot. They reached a village 10 days later and rescuers could be sent to the crash site. In the end, 16 people survived the crash.

1977 : Hijacking of a German plane

On October 13, 1977, Lufthansa flight 181, from Palma de Mallorca and going to Frankfurt, carrying 91 people was hijacked by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in support of the Red Army Faction, a extreme left German terrorist group. The aircraft landed in Mogadishu, Somalia, after stops more or less eventful in Rome, Cyprus, Bahrain, Dubai and Yemen. An operation was conducted on October 18th by the German forces to save the passengers. The only victim, apart from the hijackers, was the captain, killed by the terrorist leader on October 16th.

2010 : Chilean miners rescue

On October 13, 2010, the last of 33 miners, who had been trapped for 69 days at 700m depth in a shelter of a mine in northern Chile, found the open air. They had been located after 17 days after the accident and provisions had been provided to them since then through a bore hole dug in the rock. A rescue operation was carried out in order to dig a hole wide enough for a capsule to go down and get the miners, who were rescued in front of the cameras from all over the world.

: 13 October

Margaret Thatcher
A world without nuclear weapons would be less stable and more dangerous for all of us.

: 13 October

Allan Ramsay, Scottish painter (1713)
Lillie Langtry, Scottish actress (1853)
Mary Kingsley, English writer and explorer (1862)
Sasha Chorny, Russian poet (1880)
Arna Bontemps, American poet (1902)
Yves Allgret, French director (1905)
Herblock, American editorial cartoonist (1909)
Cornel Wilde, American actor (1912)
Robert Walker, American actor (1918)
Laraine Day, American actress (1920)
Yves Montand, French actor (1921)
Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1979-1990) (1925)
Bruce Geller, American screenwriter and producer (1930)
Raymond Kopa, French footballer (1931)
Nana Mouskouri, Greek singer (1934)
Sami Frey, French actor (1937)
Paul Simon, American musician (1941)
Christophe, French singer (1945)
Sammy Hagar, American singer (Van Halen) (1947)
Beverly Johnson, American model (1952)
Chris Carter, American screenwriter, producer and director (The X-Files, Millennium) (1954)
Arturo Brachetti, Italian artist (1957)
Kelly Preston, American actress (1962)
Christopher Judge, American actor (1964)
Johan Museeuw, Belgian cyclist (1965)
Kate Walsh, American actress (1967)
Javier Sotomayor, Cuban athlete (1967)
Nancy Kerrigan, American figure skater (1969)
Sacha Baron Cohen, English comedian (1971)
Antonio Di Natale, Italian footballer (1977)
Wes Brown, English footballer (1979)
Ashanti , American singer (1980)
Scott Parker, English footballer (1980)
Ian Thorpe, Australian swimmer (1982)

Ils nous ont quitt un 13 October

Nicolas Malebranche, French philosopher (1715)
Joachim Murat, French Marshal (1815)
Karl Adolph Gjellerup, Danish writer, Nobel Prize in Literature (1919)
E. C. Segar, American cartoonist (Popeye) (1938)
Clifton Webb, American actor (1966)
Walter Brattain, American physicist, Nobel laureate (1987)
Jean Peters, American actress (2000)
Stephen E. Ambrose, American historian and biographer (2002)
Bertram Brockhouse, Canadian physicist, Nobel Prize (2003)
Guillaume Depardieu, French actor (2008)

: 13 October

Remove dust from a bouquet of dried flowers

To remove dust from a bouquet of dried flowers, you can pass it into the steam from a pot of boiling water. Then, drain the bouquet.


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