It happened one 15 January

1759 : Opening of the British Museum

On January 15, 1759, the British Museum was opened to the public for the first time in London's Bloomsbury district.

1943 : Pentagon is dedicated

On 15 January 1943, the Pentagon, headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, 604.000 sq meters, is inaugurated. It is located in Arlington County, Virginia. Despite heavy damage, its particularly reinforced construction enabled it to withstand the crash of a plane on its western side during the attack of September 11, 2001.

1970 : Biafra surrenders

On January 15, 1970, the Government of Biafra surrendered to Nigeria, after nearly 3 years of war. During the conflict, more than a millionpeople were killed, in battle or from starvation.

2009 : Flight 1549 crashed gently in Hudson

On 15 January 2009, the U.S. Airways flight 1549 encountered birds during takeoff from LaGuardia Airport in New York and lost the power of its two engines. 3 minutes later the pilot Chesley Sullenberger splashed down gently on the Hudson. All passengers and crew members were then evacuated safely.

Latest news : 15 January

In this day,
we celebrate the armed forces in Nigeria (Armed Forces Day) and India (Army Day), and plant trees in Egypt (Tree Planting Day).

Quote of the day : 15 January

Gérard Jugnot, acteur et réalisateur Français
Laughter, like wipers, can advance even if the rain does not stop.

Birthdays : 15 January

Molière, French playwright (1622)
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, French anarchist (1809)
Marie Duplessis, French courtesan (1824)
Samuel Arza Davenport, American politician (1834)
Tom Burke, American runner (1875)
Mazo de la Roche, Writer (1879)
Huang Yuanyong, Writer (1885)
Artturi Ilmari Virtanen, Finnish chemist, Nobel laureate (1895)
Kamatari Fujiwara, Actor (1905)
Aristote Onassis, Greek shipping magnate (1906)
Edward Teller, Physicist (1908)
Jean Bugatti, Automobile designer (1909)
Michel Debré, French politician (1912)
Lloyd Bridges, Actor (1913)
João Figueiredo, President of Brazil (1918)
Gamal Abdal Nasser, President of Egypt (1918)
Maurice Herzog, French mountaineer (1919)
Martin Luther King, Jr, American politician,recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (1929)
Margaret O'Brien, Actress (1937)
Ashraf Aman, Pakistani mountaineer (1943)
Marius Trésor, French soccer player (1950)
Chad Lowe, Actor (1968)
Ernie Reyes, Jr, Actor (1972)
Mary Pierce, French tennis player (1975)
Eddie Cahill, Actor (1978)
Franco Pellizotti, Italian cyclist (1978)
Victor Rasuk, Actor (1984)

They left us one 15 January

Giovanni Battista Sammartini, Italian composer (1775)
John Landen, English mathematician (1790)
Modest Tchaikovsky, Writer (1916)
Enrico Toselli, Italian composer (1926)
Georges Cziffra, Pianist (1994)
Vera Maxwell, Fashion designer (1995)
Junior Wells, Musician (1998)
Victoria de los Angeles, Soprano (2005)
Brad Renfro, Actor (2008)

Tip of the Day : 15 January

Clean your microwave

Put a glass of water with lemon and boil it until there is steam in the microwave : it will be much easier to clean.

* Warning

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