eso ha pasado un 15 Septiembre

1916 : First use of tanks in battle

On 15 September 1916 the British used tanks in a battle for the first time in history : the battle of the Somme. The first tanks were still too slow to hold the positions gained and were prone to breakdowns. This new weapon brought no real help for this battle in which 1,250,000 soldiers were killed for Allies to advance of 8km.

1935 : Nuremberg Race Laws adopted

On September 15, 1935, the Nuremberg racial laws took effect. German Jews were already not entitled to exercise a number of professions such as teaching, journalism and even medicine. With these laws, they lost their citizenship. They could not marry or have relations with "Aryans" anymore. Obtain basic necessities became extremely difficult for them.

1959 : Khrushchev goes to Hollywood

On September 15, 1959, during the Cold War and to the amazement of many people, the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev arrived in Washington with his family for a 13-day trip in the U.S.. Khrushchev believed that the two countries were too powerful to quarrel. After talks with Eisenhower, Khrushchev visited several states, particularly California. The studio Twentieth Century Fox invited him to see the filming of a scene from Can-Can (the choice seemed very unwise) at a lunch with all of Hollywood (Marilyn Monroe, ElizabethTaylor, Frank Sinatra, Gary Cooper, Henry Fonda, Tony Curtis ...).
Hollywood producers, who could not risk hiring writers who had political opinions too far left, fighted to be able to attend the luncheon.
Khrushchev then was very disappointed at not being able to go to Disneyland for security reasons, which made him joke : Why not? What is it? Do you have rocket-launching pads there?

1961 : Carla hit Texas

On 15 September 1961, the Category 5 hurricane Carla arrived in Texas and hit the state coast as a category 4 hurricane. Due to the evacuation of 500,000 people, only 43 people were killed; however the damage amounted to $ 2 billion.

1975 : Corsica divided into 2

On September 15, 1975, Corsica was divided into two departments: Corse du Sud and Haute Corse. In 2003, a referendum asked people to vote for the abolition of departments and more autonomy but a majority of people chose to keep the situation unchanged.

Actualidad del día : 15 Septiembre

Independence days in Central America
September 15 is Independence Day in Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua which commemorate the independence they have gained against Spain on September 15, 1821.

Cita del día : 15 Septiembre

Nikita Khrouchtchev
Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers.

Cumpleaños : 15 Septiembre

François de La Rochefoucauld , Escritor francés (1613)
Jean Sylvain Bailly, Astrónomo francés, alcalde de París (1736)
James Fenimore Cooper, Novelista estadounidense (1789)
Porfirio Díaz, 9o presidente de México (1830)
William Howard Taft, 27º Presidente de los Estados Unidos (1857)
Joseph Lyons, 10o Primer Ministro de Australia (1879)
Ettore Bugatti, Diseñador de automóviles francés (1881)
Agatha Christie, Escritora inglesa (1890)
Jean Renoir, Director de cine francés (1894)
Jacques Becker, Director de cine francés (1906)
Fay Wray, Actriz americana (1907)
Margaret Lockwood, Actriz inglesa (1916)
Fausto Coppi, Ciclista italiano (1919)
Jackie Cooper, Actor americano (1922)
Jean-Pierre Serre, Matemático francés (1926)
Shōhei Imamura, Director de cine japonés (1926)
Murray Gell-Mann, Físico americano, Premio Nobel de Física (1929)
Jessye Norman, Soprano estadounidense (1945)
Tommy Lee Jones, Actor americano (1946)
Oliver Stone, Director de cine americano (1946)
Ed Solomon, Guionista estadounidense (1960)
Josh Charles, Actor americano (1971)
Tom Dolan, Nadador estadounidense (1975)
Paul Thomson, Músico escocés (Franz Ferdinand) (1976)
Tom Hardy, Actor inglés (1977)
Harry of Wales, Nieto de la reina Isabel II (1984)
Aly Cissokho, Futbolista francés (1987)

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André Le Nôtre, Arquitecto paisajista francés (1700)
Charles Pachelbel, Compositor alemán (1750)
Alessandro Rolla, Violinista italiano (1841)
Thomas Wolfe, Escritor estadounidense (1938)
André Tardieu, Político francés (1945)
Willy Messerschmitt, Diseñador de aviones alemán (1978)
Robert Penn Warren, Poeta estadounidense (1989)
Oriana Fallaci, Periodista italiana (2006)
Richard Wright , Músico inglés (Pink Floyd) (2008)
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