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1620 : Mayflower on its way

On September 16, 1620, the Mayflower departs England from the port of Plymouth with 102 passengers, bound for Virginia. It actually arrived on the coast of Massachusetts where travelers installed the first permanent European settlement.

1978 : Earthquake in Iran

On September 16, 1978, an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 on the Richter scale hit Tabas in Iran. 25,000 people were killed.

1982 : Massacres at Sabra and Shatila

On September 16, 1982, following the assassination of President Bashir Gemayel, the Israelis seized the opportunity to surround the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in Beirut, Lebanon. The Israelis let the Phalangists Christians in to search the terrorists responsible for the assassination of the Lebanese president. When, after several requests the Phalangists finally left, the Israelis realized that more than 1,000 Palestinian civilians were murdered in the camps in retaliation.

2007 : Blackwater military contractors accused of murder

On September 16, 2007, mercenaries working for the American private military security firm Blackwater killed 17 Iraki civilians on Nisour place in Baghdad. The U.S. military reported that there was no provocation on the part of civilians and that there was an excessive use of force. The license of Blackwater in Iraq was revoked. However, all charges were dismissed against the mercenaries because of a technicality.

Actualidad del día : 16 Septiembre

Independance Day in Mexico
September 16 is Independence Day in Mexico which celebrates its independence, declared against Spain on September 16, 1810.
Independence Day in Papua New Guinea
September 16 is Independence Day in Papua New Guinea which commemorates its independence, gained against Australia on September 16, 1975.

Cita del día : 16 Septiembre

Lauren Bacall
Stardom isn't a profession; it's an accident.

Cumpleaños : 16 Septiembre

Jiajing, Emperador de China (1507)
Daoguang, Emperador de China (1782)
Albrecht Kossel, Bioquímico alemán, Premio Nobel de Medicina y Fisiología (1853)
Alfred Noyes, Poeta inglés (1880)
Alexander Korda, Director de cine húngaro (1893)
M. S. Subbulakshmi, Cantante india (1916)
Guy Hamilton, Director de cine inglés (1922)
Marcel Mouloudji, Cantante y actor francés (1922)
Lauren Bacall, Actriz americana (1924)
B.B. King, Músico estadounidense (1925)
Tommy Bond, Actor americano (1926)
Peter Falk, Actor americano (1927)
Anne Francis, Actriz americana (1930)
George Chakiris, Actor americano (1934)
Oskar Lafontaine, Político alemán (1943)
Mickey Rourke, Actor americano (1952)
David Copperfield, Mago estadounidense (1956)
Pierre Moscovici, Político francés (1957)
Jennifer Tilly, Actriz americana (1958)
Richard Marx, Cantante americano (1963)
Kevin Young, Atleta estadounidense (1966)
Marc Anthony, Cantante americano (1968)
Cécile de Ménibus, Presentadora de televisión francesa (1970)
Alexandre Vinokourov, Ciclista kazako (1973)
Alexis Bledel, Actriz americana (1981)
John Afoa, Jugador de rugby de Nueva Zelanda (1983)
Sabrina Bryan, Actriz y cantante estadounidense (The Cheetah Girls) (1984)
Katie Melua, Cantante inglesa (1984)
Madeline Zima, Actriz americana (1985)

Nos han dejado un 16 Septiembre

Tomás de Torquemada, Inquisidor General español (1498)
Daniel Fahrenheit, Físico alemán (1736)
Farinelli, Castrato italiano (1782)
Nicolas Baudin, Explorador francés (1803)
Edward Whymper, Alpinista inglés (1911)
Fred Quimby, Productor americano (1965)
Maria Callas, Soprano estadounidense griega (1977)
Filip Nikolic, Actor y cantante francés (2009)
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