It happened one 18 January

1778 : James Cook discovers Hawaii

James Cook was the first European to land in Hawaii. He found them by luck and named them the Sandwich Islands. He died when he came back there a year later.

1943 : Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

On January 18, 1943 began the uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto to fight the deportation of the 40,000 remaining Jews. This was the first urban uprising against the Germans.

1969 : Landslides in California

On January 18, 1969, following several days of torrential rains, landslides killed 91 people in southern California. In the city of Glendora, one million cubic meters of rocks and mud slided down the hill and took away 200 houses.

2005 : First A380

The first A380, the largest commercial aircraft in the world, is unveiled in Toulouse.

Latest news : 18 January

Revolution Day in Tunisia
OnJanuary 18, we commemorate the beginning of the 1952 Revolution that brought independence to Tunisia. For 2011, this national holiday has even more meaning.
Royal Thai Armed Forces Day

Quote of the day : 18 January

Winston Churchill
History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

Birthdays : 18 January

Montesquieu, Writer (1689)
Sir Edmund Barton, Prime Minister of Australia (1849)
Henri Giraud, French general (1879)
Oliver Hardy, Actor (1892)
Cary Grant, Actor (1904)
Danny Kaye, Actor (1913)
Gilles Deleuze, French philosopher (1925)
Ray Dolby, American inventor (1933)
John Boorman, Director (1933)
John Hume, Northern Irish politician, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (1937)
Paul Freeman, British actor (1943)
Paul Keating, Prime Minister of Australia (1944)
Gilles Villeneuve, Canadian race car driver (1950)
Kevin Costner, Actor (1955)
Laurence Courtois, Belgian tennis player (1976)
Thor Hushovd, Norwegian cyclist (1978)
Marya Roxx, Estonian singer (1986)

They left us one 18 January

John Tyler, 10th President of the United States (1862)
Baldassare Verazzi, Italian painter (1886)
Rudyard Kipling, Writer (1936)
Sydney Greenstreet, Actor (1954)
Kathleen Norris, Writer (1966)
Hasan Askari, Pakistani writer (1978)
Eleanor Hibbert, Writer (1993)

Tip of the Day : 18 January

Dish too salty

If your dish is too salty, add vinegar and sugar.

* Warning

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