It happened one 18 June

1815 : Napoleon defeated at Waterloo

On June 18, 1815, in Waterloo, south of Brussels, Napoleon's troops were defeated by those of Wellington. Nearly 50,000 men were killed during the battle. Napoleon had made ​​the mistake of waiting too long before attacking what had allowed the Prussian troops to join the battle and thus prevented Napoleon to come to support Marshal Ney facing Wellington.
Following this defeat, Napoleon abdicated and was exiled by the British in Saint Helena, a small island in the South Atlantic.

1940 : Appeal of 18 June

After the surrender of Petain to Germany, De Gaulle, with Churchill's agreement, made a call on the BBC asking the French to resist, to join him in London to continue the fight. He wanted, as it was likely that the war would become global, the French troops to be able to participate in future battles, with the English and those who would join them, so that France would regain its honor lost by the submission of the Petain government to Germany.

1965 : First use of B-52 in Vietnam

On June 18, 1965, the Americans used for the first time the B-52 bombers in the Vietnam War. The B-52 flying at an altitude of 9000m are not detectable on the ground and cause immense damage.

1972 : Crash in Heathrow

On 18 June 1972, Trident aircraft company British European Airways crashed shortly after takeoff at Heathrow Airport in London.
118 people were killed.
The cause of the crash was never found.
One explanation could be a bad distribution of weight on board the aircraft.

Latest news : 18 June

National Day in Seychelles
June 18 is National Day of the Seychelles. This day is the anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles of June 18th, 1993 which states the basic rights of Seychelles citizens and the democratic values ​​of the republic.

Quote of the day : 18 June

Charles De Gaulle
War, you see, it's horrible, but peace, peace, it must be said, is boring

Birthdays : 18 June

Ōgimachi, Emperor of Japan (1517)
Ignaz Pleyel, French composer and piano builder (1757)
James Montgomery Flagg, American illustrator (1877)
Edouard Daladier, French politician (1884)
George Mallory, English mountaineer (1886)
Jeanette MacDonald, American actress (1903)
Raymond Radiguet, French writer (1903)
E. G. Marshall, American actor (1914)
Richard Boone, American actor (1917)
Jerome Karle, American chemist, Nobel Prize (1918)
Ian Carmichael, English actor (1920)
Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Brazilian president (1995 - 2002) (1931)
Dudley R. Herschbach, American chemist, Nobel Prize (1932)
Victor Lanoux, French actor (1936)
Paul McCartney, English musician (1942)
Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa (1999 - 2008) (1942)
Bernard Giraudeau, French actor, director and writer (1947)
Jarosław Kaczyński, Polish politician (1949)
Lech Kaczyński, Polish politician (1949)
Isabella Rossellini, Italian actress (1952)
Dizzy Reed, American musician (Guns N' Roses) (1963)
Kurt Browning, Canadian figure skater (1966)
Ray LaMontagne, American singer (1973)
Julie Depardieu, French actress (1973)
Jamel Debbouze, French comedian (1975)
Marie Gillain, Belgian actress (1975)
Richard Gasquet, French tennis player (1986)
Willa Holland, American actress (1991)

They left us one 18 June

Roald Amundsen, Norwegian explorer (1928)
Maxim Gorky, Russian writer (1936)
Ethel Barrymore, American actress (1959)
Pedro Armendáriz, Mexican actor (1963)
Curd Jürgens, German actor (1982)
Jean Delannoy, French actor and director (2008)
José Saramago, Portuguese novelist, Nobel Prize in Literature (2010)

Tip of the Day : 18 June

To drive in a nail in a wall

To hammer a nail into a wall to hang a picture or a frame and avoid damaging the wall around the hole, one trick is to apply two pieces of duct tape crossed on the area to drill and to heat the nail before drive in it.

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