It happened one 20 May

1498 : Vasco da Gama arrived in India

On May 20, 1498, the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama arrived in India after passing Africa. He had left Lisbon with four ships on July 8, 1497.

1927 : Take off of the Spirit of St. Louis

On May 20, 1927 Charles Lindbergh took off his plane, the Spirit of St. Louis, from Roosevelt airfield in Long Island, NY, for the first Atlantic crossing by plane. He arrived in Paris 33 hours later.

1932 : Amelia Earhart crosses the Atlantic

On May 20, 1932, aviator Amelia Earhart took off from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland with her Lockheed Vega 5b and landed nearly 15 hours later in Northern Ireland. She was the first woman to cross the Atlantic solo and nonstop.

1956 : H Bomb Test

On 20 May 1956, the first hydrogen bomb, thermonuclear fusion bomb, is tested by the Americans on Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific.

1965 : A Pakistan plane crashed in Cairo

A Boeing 707 from Pakistan crashed during a night landing at Cairo airport killing 124 people.
The night landing in this airport was known to be difficult because of poor lighting, poor landing strips conditions and steepness of some of the landing strips.

1969 : End of the battle for Hamburger Hill

On May 20, 1969, after 10 days of attacks, Hill 937 is taken to the North Vietnamese by American forces and South Vietnamese. In the U.S. forces alone, 100 soldiers were killed and 400 injured, (70% of the soldiers). Hill 937 was renamed Hamburger Hill. This attack was one example of the absurdity of some U.S. Army operations in Vietnam. On May 28, the hill was abandoned and taken back immediately by the North Vietnamese. This event caused a huge outrage in the U.S. about the unnecessary loss of lives.

Latest news : 20 May

National Day in Cameroon
May 20 is National Day in Cameroon. It is a commemoration of the country's unity, voted on May 20, 1972 and which ended the federal system.
Independence Day in East Timor
May 20 is Independence Day in East Timor, which commemorates the independence against Indonesia, acquired in 2002.
National Day of Hatred in Cambodia
May 20 is the Day of Remembrance for victims of Pol Pot in Cambodia, which commemorates the victims of atrocities by the Khmer Rouge regime between their takeover in 1975 and the intervention of Vietnamese forces in late 1978. Between 1.5 million and 2.7 million people were killed during this period. Control of the territory was not complete until the early 90's, after a peace agreement. Indeed, in the 80's, the Khmer Rouge, helped by the U.S., England and Thailand continually attacked the population in areas they did not control.

Quote of the day : 20 May

Amelia Earhart, aviatrice américaine
Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn't be done.

Birthdays : 20 May

Honoré de Balzac, French writer (1799)
William Fargo, American expressman, co-founder of Wells Fargo & Company and American Express Company (1818)
Hector Malot, French writer (1830)
Eduard Buchner, German chemist, Nobel laureate (1860)
James Stewart, American actor (1908)
Moshe Dayan, Israeli military leader and politician (1915)
José Mujica, President of Uruguay (1935)
Anthony Zerbe, American actor (1936)
Joe Cocker, English musician (1944)
Cher, American singer (1946)
Robert Van de Walle, Belgian judoka (1954)
Tony Goldwyn, American actor (1960)
Elsa Lunghini, French singer and actress (1973)
Leo Franco, Argentine footballer (1977)
Iker Casillas, Spanish footballer (1981)
Cate Campbell, Australian swimmer (1992)

They left us one 20 May

Christophe Collomb, Explorer and navigator of Genoa (1506)
William Emerson, English mathematician (1782)
Clara Schumann, German pianist (1896)
Jean-Pierre Rampal, French flautist (2000)
Stephen Jay Gould, American paleontologist (2002)
Driss Benzekri, Moroccan politician (2007)

Tip of the Day : 20 May

Water the trees

Properly watering our trees helps to maintain their good health, which makes them more resistant to any aggression.
Watering a tree depends on its age.
A young tree - up to 3 years after planting in a garden - will need more water than an older one. Do not give too much water.
It is better to use soaker hose, an irrigation system or hose turned on low.
A tree should be watered infrequently but deeply, and we must water the root zone and not the trunk to prevent the growth of fungi.
We should not water our lawn and our trees at the same time and in the same way.
Watering during the hottest hours of the day is useless because water would evaporate. Watering at night is not good either: it increases the risk of fungal infections.
To check if we water the tree properly, we can make a hole with a spade to 40 cm depth : soil moisture must be uniform but the earth must be neither soggy nor dry.
You can use a mulch to protect roots from heat but it should not touch the trunk and should not be made ​​of synthetic materials.
Dark spots on the roots, leaves yellowed and wilted seedlings are signs of over-watering

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