Es passierte an einem 21 October

1805 : Battle of Trafalgar

On October 21, 1805, the British fleet of Admiral Nelson defeated the Franco-Spanish fleet in a decisive battle off the Spanish coast.
The 27 British ships destroyed 19 of the 33 enemy ships. The French and the Spanish did not destroyany British ship. Nelson's victory was complete and prevented Napoleon Bonaparte from invading England. The British admiral was mortally wounded in the battle and national funerals were held in his honor.

1879 : Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb

On October 21, 1879, Thomas Edison successfully tested an incandescent light bulb in his industrial laboratory in New Jersey. It lasted 13 and half hours.

1966 : A landslide buried a school

On October 21, 1966, a landslide buried a school in the village of Aberfan in Wales. A huge tip, resulting from coal mine waste nearby, had piled above the school. Following heavy rain, the hill of mud caved in and covered everything around.

1967 : Demonstration against the Vietnam War in Washington

On October 21, 1967, 100,000 people gathered in Washington DC to protest against the Vietnam War. During the march to the Pentagon, some demonstrators violently clashed with soldiers protecting the building. Hundreds of people were arrested. That same day, similar events took place in Europe and Japan.

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Thomas A. Edison
To have a great idea, have a lot of them.

Geburtstage : 21 October

Jean Bart, French Flemish privateer (1651)
Higashiyama, Emperor of Japan (1675)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English poet (1772)
Alphonse de Lamartine, French writer (1790)
Alfred Nobel, Swedish chemist, inventor of dynamite and of Nobel Prize (1833)
Pierre Dux, French actor and director (1908)
Georg Solti, Hungarian conductor (1912)
Dizzy Gillespie, American jazz musician (1917)
Liliane Bettencourt, French businesswoman, heiress of L'Oréal (1922)
Pierre Bellemare, French TV presenter (1929)
Shammi Kapoor, Indian actor (1931)
Tom Everett, American actor (1948)
Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel (1949)
Ronald McNair, American astronaut and physicist (1950)
Carrie Fisher, American actress and writer (1956)
Wolfgang Ketterle, German physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate (1957)
Ken Watanabe, Japanese actor (1959)
Melora Walters, American actress (1959)
Jon Carin, American musician (1964)
Paul Ince, English footballer (1967)
Jeremy Miller, American actor (1976)
Will Estes, American actor (1978)
Matt Dallas, American actor (1982)

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Horatio Nelson, English admiral (1805)
Isabelle Eberhardt, Swiss explorer (1904)
Jack Kerouac, American writer (1969)
François Truffaut, French director (1984)

Tipp des Tages : 21 October

Green Tip: Use glass containers

While shopping, it is good to buy products in glass containers : bottles, yogurt jars. The glass can be recycled indefinitely, unlike the plastic or even food bricks. The only concern is that it's heavier and it breaks. So when we go home by bus and we have to climb stairs up to the 5th floor, buy plastic containers is forgivable. In any case, we will have to separate our recyclables. And to limit our negative impact on the environment, for the next holiday, we will not take the plane : we will take the train.

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