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1805 : Battle of Trafalgar

On October 21, 1805, the British fleet of Admiral Nelson defeated the Franco-Spanish fleet in a decisive battle off the Spanish coast.
The 27 British ships destroyed 19 of the 33 enemy ships. The French and the Spanish did not destroyany British ship. Nelson's victory was complete and prevented Napoleon Bonaparte from invading England. The British admiral was mortally wounded in the battle and national funerals were held in his honor.

1879 : Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb

On October 21, 1879, Thomas Edison successfully tested an incandescent light bulb in his industrial laboratory in New Jersey. It lasted 13 and half hours.

1966 : A landslide buried a school

On October 21, 1966, a landslide buried a school in the village of Aberfan in Wales. A huge tip, resulting from coal mine waste nearby, had piled above the school. Following heavy rain, the hill of mud caved in and covered everything around.

1967 : Demonstration against the Vietnam War in Washington

On October 21, 1967, 100,000 people gathered in Washington DC to protest against the Vietnam War. During the march to the Pentagon, some demonstrators violently clashed with soldiers protecting the building. Hundreds of people were arrested. That same day, similar events took place in Europe and Japan.

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Thomas A. Edison
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