Es passierte an einem 21 November

1783 : A hot air balloon flight over Paris

On November 21, 1983, Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier and Francois Laurent made ​​the first flight in a hot-air balloon above Paris. The balloon was designed by the Montgolfier brothers.

1877 : Edison announces the invention of the phonograph

On November 21, 1877, Edison announced his invention of the phonograph, a device for recording and listening sounds. In 1878, he left aside this invention to concentrate on his incandescent light; however, ten years later he perfected his invention to be used for entertainment.

1981 : People learnt who shot J.R.

On November 21, 1981, after eight months of waiting, 350 million people in front of their TV learnt who shot JR at the end of the previous season of the series Dallas, the top series of the moment. For those who have not seen the episode, it was Kristin Shepard, the sister of JR's wife and one of his former mistresses.

2006 : Assassination of Pierre Gemayel

On 21 November 2006, the anti-Syrian Lebanese MP Pierre Gemayel was assassinated by men armed with automatic weapons in Beirut. His uncle Bashir was assassinated in 1982 and his young cousin in 1980.

2009 : Mine explosion in China

On November 21, 2009, an explosion occurred in a coal mine in Heilongjiang province in China. 108 miners were killed.

Zitat des Tages : 21 November

The only way to compel men to speak well of us is to do well.

Geburtstage : 21 November

Voltaire, French writer and philosopher (1694)
Josiah Bartlett, American politician, signatory of the Declaration of Independence (1729)
Lewis H. Morgan, American anthropologist (1818)
René Magritte, Belgian painter (1898)
Isaac Bashevis Singer, American writer, Nobel Prize in Literature (1902)
Eleanor Powell, American actress (1912)
Henri Laborit, French physician and writer (1914)
Ralph Meeker, American actor (1920)
María Casares, French Spanish actress (1922)
Marilyn French, American writer (1929)
Beryl Bainbridge, English writer (1932)
Jacques Laffite, French racing driver in Formula One (1943)
Harold Ramis, American director and actor (1944)
Goldie Hawn, American actress (1945)
Brian McNamara, American actor (1960)
Nicollette Sheridan, English actress (1963)
Björk, Icelandic singer (1965)
Alex James , English musician (Blur) (1968)
Inés Sastre, Spanish actress and model (1973)
Dasha, Czech pornographic actress (1976)
Jena Malone, American actress (1984)
Jesús Navas, Spanish footballer (1985)

Sie haben uns verlassen 21 November

Henry Purcell, English composer (1695)
Jacques de Vaucanson, French inventor (1782)
Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria (1916)
C. V. Raman, Indian physicist, Nobel Laureate (1970)
Bill Bixby, American actor and director (1993)
Abdus Salam, Pakistani physicist, Nobel Laureate (1996)
Pierre Amine Gemayel, Libanese politician (2006)
Konstantin Feoktistov, Russian cosmonaut (2009)
Margaret Taylor-Burroughs, American artist (2011)

Tipp des Tages : 21 November

To descale your toilet

To descale your toilet, you can pour the contents of a large bottle of coca cola and leave overnight. It is much more environmentally friendly than normal household descalers and equally effective.

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