eso ha pasado un 22 Octubre

1797 : First parachute jump

On October 22, 1797, French balloonist Andre-Jacques Garnerin tested a parachute by jumping from a balloon from 3,200 feet above sea level. All parameters were not taken into account, so he had a jump a bit hectic; however he landed without a scratch. The first woman to bail out was Genevieve Jeanne Labrosse, Garnerin's student who became his wife, on October 12, 1799, from 8,000 feet .

1913 : Coal mine explosion in New Mexico

On October 22, 1913, an explosion occurred at the Dawson coal mine in New Mexico. A pocket of methane gas was ignited by the lamp of a miner, a very common accident before the use of battery-powered lamps . 250 people were killed. 23 miners could be saved. Unfortunately, 2 rescuers lost their lives during the operation.

1962 : Cuban missile crisis

On October 22, 1962, President John F. Kennedy announced to the American people that he ordered the blockade of Cuba the day before due to the discovery of Soviet missiles installed on the island. He warned the public that the missiles could reach the U.S. territory. Khrushchev answered to the blockade by sending ships. The United States and the Soviet Union finally reached an agreement on October 28 and the missiles were dismantled.

1964 : Sartre wins and declines Nobel Prize

On October 22, 1964, the writer Jean-Paul Sartre won the Nobel Prize for Literature which he refused. Advancing the philosophy of existentialism in his writings, Sartre thought that since life had no meaning in itself, everyone had to find the meaning of his own life.

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