Quote of the day : 25 September

Will Smith
Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like.

Birthdays : 25 September

Jean-Philippe Rameau, French composer (1683)
Henry Pelham, Prime Minister of Great Britain (1694)
Qianlong, Emperor of China (1711)
Fletcher Christian, Mutineer on the Bounty (1764)
Thomas Hunt Morgan, American geneticist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1866)
Lu Xun, Chinese writer (1881)
William Faulkner, American writer, Nobel Prize in Literature (1897)
Robert Bresson, French director (1901)
Aldo Ray, American actor (1926)
Colin Davis, English conductor (1927)
Glenn Gould, Canadian pianist (1932)
Jean Sorel, French actor (1934)
Robert Gates, 22nd United States Secretary of Defense (1943)
Michael Douglas, American actor (1944)
Mark Hamill, American actor (1951)
Christopher Reeve, American actor (1952)
Zucchero Fornaciari, Italian singer (1955)
Michael Madsen, American actor (1957)
Heather Locklear, American actress (1961)
Anne Roumanoff, French humorist (1965)
Will Smith, American actor (1968)
Catherine Zeta-Jones, Welsh actress (1969)
Jessie Wallace, English actress (1971)
Santigold, American singer (1976)
Chris Owen, American actor (1980)
Donald Glover, American actor (1983)
Mao Asada, Japanese figure skater (1990)
Jansen Panettiere, American actor (1994)

They left us one 25 September

Go-Yōzei, Emperor of Japan (1617)
Johann Strauss I, Austrian composer (1849)
John Bonham, English musician (Led Zeppelin) (1980)
Nikolay Semyonov, Russian chemist and physicist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1986)
Mary Astor, American actress (1987)
Viviane Romance, French actress (1991)
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