eso ha pasado un 25 Diciembre

1974 : Cyclone Tracy devastated the city of Darwin in Australia

On December 25, 1974, Hurricane Category 3 Tracy destroyed 70% of the buildings of the city of Darwin in northern Australia. The cyclone was very compact with winds over 200 km/h. 71 people were killed.

1989 : Nicolae Ceausescu executed

Former Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu was executed with his wife by a firing squad after being convicted of genocide and crimes against the state by a military court.

1991 : Resignation of Mikhail Gorbachev

On December 25, 1991, only days after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, the president of the country for almost seven years resigned. Gorbachev had paved the way for economic reforms and democracy.

2000 : Deadly Christmas party

On December 25, 2000, a fire broke out in a nightclub in Luoyang in Henan Province in China. The fire started in the basement of the building while still under construction and not authorized to host a nightclub. Emergency exits were blocked or not indicated and partygoers could not escape. 309 people were killed, most by suffocation.

Actualidad del día : 25 Diciembre

Last Day of Pancha Ganapati Puja
December 25 is the last day of the Pancha Ganapati festival that celebrates the 5 faces of Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed Lord. Today's color is orange and the overflowing love which is felt this day will inspire generosity in the coming year which will bring good fortune and wealth in return.
First day of the Feria de Cali

Cita del día : 25 Diciembre

Roy Lemon Smith, historien américain
Who has no Christmas in the heart will never find it at the foot of a tree.

Cumpleaños : 25 Diciembre

Isaac Newton, Científico Inglés (1642)
Humphrey Bogart, Actor (1899)
Gerhard Herzberg, Químico alemán, Premio Nobel (1904)
Ernst Ruska, Físico alemán, Premio Nobel (1906)
Cab Calloway, Músico estadounidense (1907)
Anouar el-Sadate, Tercero presidente de Egipto, Premio Nobel de la Paz (1918)
Ahmed Ben Bella, Primer Presidente de Argelia (1918)
Atal Bihari Vajpayee, 10o primer ministro de la India (1924)
Marcel Maréchal, French director, actor and writer (1937)
Vassilis Alexakis, Greek writer and cartoonist (1943)
Hanna Schygulla, Actriz (1943)
Philippe Meyer, French sociologist and journalist (1947)
Noël Mamère, French journalist and politician (1948)
Sissy Spacek, Actriz (1949)
Nawaz Sharif, Primer ministro de Pakistán (1949)
Annie Lennox, Cantante (1954)
Ingrid Betancourt, Colombian politician (1961)
Carole Rousseau, French TV presenter (1967)
Dido, English singer and songwriter (1971)

Nos han dejado un 25 Diciembre

Charlie Chaplin, English actor and director (1977)
Joan Miro, Catalan painter and sculptor (1983)
Dean Martin, American actor (1995)
Emmanuel Levinas, French philosopher (1995)
James Brown, American singer and musician (2006)
Vic Chesnutt, American singer (2009)
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