The Parisian metro boasts almost 300 stations the entrance to which is signalled with a large yellow "M", and 16 lines, numbered from 1 to 14 with 3a and 7a. Each of these lines have a colour. Each of them are included on signage in stations and on all maps produced by the RATP. The metro runs every day, including public holidays, between approx 6am and 00.30am and until 2am in the morning on Friday and Saturdays. A metro ticket costs 1,60 € for one person one-way with any interchanges included. It can be bought on its own or in a book of 10.


The bus network comprises 59 lines and complements the metro. It runs approx. from 7am to 8.30pm from Monday to Saturday with some lines running between 8.30pm and 00.30am, particularly those serving train stations and the busiest metro/RER interchanges and the 3 peripheral PC lines. Over half of the lines run on Sundays and public holidays. An individual ticket for an unlimited distance can be bought onboard from the bus driver.


In was in Paris that the first velocipede was created around 150 years ago. Today, Vélib’ is a selfservice rental system; it is easy to use from a terminal which allows you to take a bike and return it to any station of your choice. Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, this service lets you rent the bike for a day or a week. Day ticket: 1,70 €. The first 30 minutes of every journey are free.


Electric tricycles driven by a chauffeur, this ergonomic and fun vehicle allows for ecological trips and tourist journeys through the centre of Paris.

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