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Crespeou (Plat)




1 nuit

10 People

- 4 tomatoes
- 100 g spinach
- 2 green peppers and 2 red peppers
- 2 eggplants
- twenty eggs
- tapenade
- parsley

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It is best to make the recipe the day before tasting it!

In a bowl beat 4 egg omelet with tomatoes mixed beforehand. In another bowl do the same with the spinach, but this time put only two eggs.

Repeat with the peppers you've grilled with a bit of oil before mixing. Caution : you must mix the red ones and the green ones separately and then mix them separately with two beaten eggs.

The eggplant should be cut into pieces, fry with oil in a hot pan with a bit of garlic until they become browned and then stir with 2 beaten eggs.

Mix 2 beaten eggs with two tablespoons of tapenade.

Mix the parsley, finely chopped, with 2 beaten eggs.

With each preparation, make omelets in a small skillet with a little hot oil. Season to taste. The omelets are to be the finest possible.
Superimpose them on a plate and set aside overnight to cool by packing well.

The next day, cut the"crespeou" the same way as "pain surprise".

This recipe can be accompanied by a salad or served as an aperitif.

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