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gnocchis nicois



for 8 persons:

2kgs of potatoes*

500grs of flour**

2 to 4 eggs***

150grs of dry mountain cheese (made of cow's milk)

coarse salt, salt, pepper

2 to 3 spoonfuls of olive oil

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Gnocchis nicois

Wash the potatoes. Cook them for 35 to 55mns in salted water, depending on their size.

Control the cooking by putting a knife into them. Drain them one by one in order to peel them while warm. Mash them.

Add the egg yolks***, the olive oil, and the pepper to the mashed potatoes.
Verify the seasoning. Mix the paste as little as possible, but make it homogeneous.

Sprinkle the table you are working on with flour, then place a quarter or a sixth of the paste on the same table. Roll the paste under your hands until you get a 1cm diameter cylinder.

Repeat this operation with the rest of the paste. Cut the cylinder every two cms with a knife. Roll these pieces under a fork to give them the appropriate shape (the form a shell enabling the best cooking).

Dip the gnocchis into a stewpan filled with salted boiling water. When hey are cooked,
they come up to the surface of the water. Drain and put them in a warm plate.

Serve seasoned with a nut of butter, or tomato sauce, or braised meat sauce, or 'nicoise style rabbit' and grated dry mountain cheese.


*to obtain a quality dish, the choice of the potatoes is crucial. We advise you to use rich of starch potatoes, like the 'bintje from Manosque'. As such, you shouldn't use fresh potatoes.

**generally, the weight of the flour you use should be a quarter of the weight of the potatoes. You have to add flour 'as long as the potatoes ask for it'.

***some people put the whole egg some don't put any!

You should cook the gnocchis in 2 turns in the same water if the stew pan is not big enough.

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Gnocchis nicois
facile à réaliser et si différent des gnocchis achetés. Servi avec une gardianne d'agneau, parfait. J'ai apprecié le rapport 4/1 de pomme de terre/farine mais j'ajouterai du sel la prochaine fois avec la farine.
Evaluation : 4/5

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