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la bourride local specialty based on fish



4 People

for four persons

4 velvet swimming crabs

4 'etrilles' (type of Sea fish)

4 scaled and gutted 'pageot' (type of Sea fish) of about 200g
or a kg of sea perch cut into rounds

1 cuttlefish

4 slices of burbot or anglerfish

4 potatoes of medium size

20 slices of bread 1cm thick

salt, pepper

for the soup:

1kg of rockfish

2 leeks

2 onions

1 clove of garlic

6 branches of parsley

6 stalks of anis

4 tomatoes

4 large spoonfuls of olive oil.

2 sheets of laurel

a piece of orange zest

2 Cayenne chilies

For the aioli

5 cloves of garlic

2 pinches of salt

3 egg yolks

50cls of olive oil

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La bourride local specialty based on fish

Don't scale the rockfish, simply wash them, gut the biggest ones.
Wash and cut the leeks. Peel, wash, and chop the onions. Peel and mash the garlic.

Wash and drain the parsley and the anis, mash the tomatoes.
Put the vegetables, the olive oil, the laurel, the zest of orange, and the chilli in a stewpan. Cook the preparation for 15mns. Add the rockfish and season. Keep on the fire for 15mns, then add 3ls of boiling water. Cook it for ten more minutes.

Remove the stalks of anis and the zest of orange after taking the stewpan off the fire. Press the restover in a vegetable masher, then add the saffron.
Rectify the seasoning before serving .
Wash and cut the cuttlefish into 4 cm long cubes. Store the whole tentacles. Cook the cuttlefish for 40 minutes in a pan filled with 3 ladles of soup and 3 ladles of water.

Peel, wash, and gut the potatoes into big cubes. Cook them for 30 minutes in a stewpan filled with as much water as soup.salt.

Make the aioli (see the recipe). Pour the aioli in a big pan, store about ten small spoonful of it which will garnish the cuttlefish and the potatoes.
Dry the bread in the oven at a small temperature. Put the bread in a soup bowl.

Boil the soup left in a pan. Cook the 'etrilles' for 3 minutes (type of Sea fish) in the boiling soup. Drain and store them. Cook the fish in the soup, starting with the 'baudroie' (type of fish) which is longer to cook. Place the potatoes on a large tray, add the fish.
Put this plate in the oven for a few seconds. Collect all the cooking juice and pass it in ot a skimmer. Boil this in a pan. Pour this boiling soup on the aioli while whipping. Rectify the seasoning if necessary. Recover the bread with this mixture. Serve immediately with the aioli in the mortar.

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La bourride local specialty based on fish
Juste pour info, la bourride est une spécialité de Sete et pas de marseille
Evaluation : 5/5
La bourride local specialty based on fish
Dans la recette du fond vous avez oublié les tomates
Evaluation : 5/5
La bourride local specialty based on fish
difficile à trouver des poissons comme il faut,et ne faudrait-il pas être de Marseille??? Mais bonté !que c'est bon même avec d'autres poissons d'autres régions A +
Evaluation : 5/5
lacolomberie paul
La bourride local specialty based on fish
moi dans la bourride je ne met pas autant de poisson juste de la baudroie
mais sa a l'air tres bon comme sa aussi
Evaluation : 3/5
monsieur michel

Vue mer : crédit photo Aseed