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Penne with mozzarella (Plat)

penne with  mozzarella



4 People

- 500 g penne
- 250 g of buffalo mozzarella
- 2 courgettes
- 1 lemon
- 1 dozen fresh basil leaves
- olive oil
- pepper
- salt

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Penne with mozzarella

- Brush the lemon in warm water, remove the rind and cut rind into small pieces.
- Wash the basil leaves, chop them and mix them with lemon salt and pepper
- Cut the mozzarella into slices 1 cm thick and roll in the blend
- Put 4 tablespoons of oil to heat in a skillet over medium heat
- Cook pasta al dente
- Meanwhile, cut courgettes into thin slices and let them steam them lightly salted (3 minutes in a silicone dish in the microwave).
- Fry the slices of mozzarella cheese in the pan for 1 minute on each side
- Drain the pasta, add the courgettes and add 2 tablespoons olive oil
- Garnish the plates of penne and courgettes and arrange the mozzarella on top.
- Apply a few chopped basil leaves to garnish.

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