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Sea bream with citrus (Plat)

sea bream with  citrus



4 People

- 1 kg of sea bream
- 3 lemons
- 3 oranges
- thyme
- rosemary
- laurel
- 2 dl white wine
- olive oil
- fleur de sel
- white pepper

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Sea bream with citrus

- collect the juice of an orange and a lemon
- cut another lemon and another orange into thin slices then cut them into two pieces
- peel the last orange and lemon and remove the skin of the segments
- preheat oven to 180 °
- wash the herbs and put them inside the fish
- make slits in the fish and push the citrus slices cut into 2 inside them
- tie up your fish well
- in a baking dish, put a little olive oil, put your fish and sprinkle with citrus juice, white wine and a little olive oil
- put the peeled citrus segments around the fish
- grind white pepper
- salt and pepper
- bake and cook for 30 minutes, sprinkling juice from time to time
- remove the string and the half-slices
- carve your fish up and serve it sprinkled with the remaining juice, accompanied by small new potatoes for example

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