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Saint Marguerite Island

ile sainte marguerite
Sainte Marguerite is the closest island to Cannes and the biggest. The natural setting of the island offers an extraordinary panorama. The nature lovers will not miss a stroll in the forest of pines and eucalyptus, the intoxicating scents of which will transport them to a state of serenity. A fitted out botanical path also allows to walk on all the island. The access to creeks is the ideal place on the occasion of small bathing in translucent waters. The site also possesses its history. It is a haven where nature is queen. It is the ancient prison of the Iron mask. Originally, the fort is a military work built by Spanish during the Thirty Years War. Today it is intended for the visits. Inside the fort is the Museum of the sea presenting the submarine fauna and the flora as well as the result of archaeological excavations.
Give yourself a relaxing and sunbathing time on the terraces of restaurants or both fast-food kiosks. There are also many grassy areas for picnics.



Morning 7.30am / 9am / 9.30am / 10am / 10.30am / 11am / 11.30am / 12am

Afternoon 1pm / 1.30pm / 2pm / 2.30pm / 3pm / 3.3pm / 4pm / 4.30pm


Morning 07.45am / 09.15am / 10.15am / 11.15am / 12.15am

Afternoon 1. 15pm / 2. 15pm / 3.15pm / 4.15pm / 5pm


Adults 12 €

Children 5 - 10 years old 7,50 €

Children - 5 years old free entrance

Large family – Students

Senior (65 ans) - Teenager (11-14 ans) 11€

Special price last tour 9.5 €

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