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The Castel of Nice

The castle of Nice or "lou Casteu" (the old local dialect, Nissart) is one of the most powerful military fortifications of the Mediterranean Arc from the eleventh to the eighteenth century. It is a cult of the former County of Nice. The terrace is known as the "cradle of the sun" because of its extraordinary scenery at any time of the day.

The castle hill is a large limestone rock formed of two plates. The first in the south, which stood for seven centuries the castle, the second a little lower and further to the north where the first suburbs were erected later and still the citadel.

The castle evokes the legend of Catherine Segurane or Catarina Segurana that distinguishes itself by an act of bravery and provocation to push back the besieging Turks. The fortifications were destroyed by the orders of Louis XVI. This will cause tremendous damage in the urban fabric in which an entire heritage disappear.

In 1713, the Treaty of Utrecht gave back Nice and its county to Victor Amadeus II. It will not rebuild the walls but rather the extension of the suburbs of Nice. As for the castle, he will remain in a state of ruin. During the 1830s, King Charles Felix built on the hill a tree garden with pathways and a waterfall.

Today, it is possible to access the house by the little train that offers a pleasant stroll from the Promenade des Anglais to the Old town of Nice. In the castle park, a bar is installed to allow parents to keep an eye on children playing in the playground built. Relaxation is assured.

The castle also hosts events and festivals such as "The Castle Day" that usually takes place late JuneWebsite :

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