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Le Suquet

le suquet
Le Suquet is the oldest district of Cannes. On a small hill above Cannes, the hustle and bustle, this district will offer you a time travel.

Le Suquet was invested by the Romans (in 154 BC) and then by the monks of Lerins (in the eleventh century) who built a castle on this strategic stronghold. There are now several monuments which witnessed the past : the Church of Our Lady of Hope with its Provencal Gothic style, the Castre square, and the remains of the old castle with its tower.

Tower Suquet used to monitor the bay of Cannes and Mandelieu in case of attack. From the fifteenth century, the influence and power of the monks of Lerins declined. The castle was placed under royal guardianship and fortified. In 1791, the castle was sold to the city. Since then it housed a pottery and an ancient Mediterranean civilizations museum.

Today you can climb to the top of the tower (114 steps) and admire a magnificent panorama over the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of the hinterland of Cannes. The tower is part of the Castre museum of Cannes.


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