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Saint-jean-cap-ferrat (06230)

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Journée En Mer Pour Observer Les Cétacés De Méditerranée

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Take a stroll along Cap Ferrat
Even if, from first glance, the sky-blue coast line seems somewhat inaccessible due to the all the property development going on, it nonetheless offers some great opportunties for beautiful walks, paddling and being surrounded by luxurious ...


Sea Excursion with SOS Grand Bleu
Mediterranean marine mammal encounter We set sail on a 16th century sailing ship run by SOS Grand Bleu, a local association created in 1989 to promote the protection of marine mammals and their environment. The ancient Aegean ...


La villa Santo Sospir
La villa Santo Sospir in St Jean-Cap-Ferrat A house "tattooed" by Jean Cocteau 14 avenue Jean Cocteau in St Jean Cap Ferrat 1 hour tour by reservation only on ...
One might think that Saint Jean Cap Ferrat is a very long name, but it actually consists of two different names: Saint Jean (which is a beautiful fishing village) and Cap Ferrat (which is the name of the magnificent peninsula that stretches ...


Festival of Roses and Plants
Every year in May, Villa Ephrussi revet its most beautiful colors to accommodate the Festival of Roses and Plants. What better than a gorgeous French garden as backdrop for such an event? The Festival of Roses and Plants ...
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