photo Bagnols-en-Foret

Bagnols-en-Foret (83600)

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photo Bagnols-en-Foret

Bagnols-en-Foret (83600)

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photo Bagnols-en-Foret

Bagnols-en-Foret (83600)

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Information on the cities of Côte d'Azur Bagnols en Foret - Tourism Var Côte d'Azur

Bagnols-en-Forêt is a pleasant village in the Var, situated on the edge of the Esterel, 300 meters above sea level. The village benefits both from the proximity of the sea and the mountains. As the name suggests, it is surrounded by forests. These ones give a certain freshness to the village, very significant in summer, especially since the air carried by the sea also contributes to it.
Seated on the terrace of a restaurant, in the shade of plane trees on the church square, you only need to appreciate the quality of life of Bagnols-en-forest.


The history of Bagnols-en-Forêt begins very early, specifically in 31 BC when the Roman emperor Octavian (later to become Augustus) decided to develop the port of Fréjus in order to moor its vessels and those taken during the victorious battles of Antony and Cleopatra. As the climate of Fréjus was not pleasant (the area was marshy), people took refuge in the hills and set up their farms in the plain of Bagnols.

During the 400 years that followed, we do not know the history of Bagnols-en-Forêt. We can find a trace of Bagnols, in the eleventh century, in a text mentioning the Castrum de Bagnols which stood at Bayonne. In 1392, looters were rampant in the area of ​​Fayence and destroyed the village of Bagnols. Life stopped here for 80 years.

In the Middle Ages, the village were reborn through Urban Fiesque who repopulated Bagnols by installing 33 families from Italy. These families developed agriculture and livestock, and many crafts such as corks, glassware and breeding silkworms.


Bagnols-en-Forêt is a beautiful village which has preserved its authentic and simple look.

A little away from the village are the four chapels of Bagnols :

  • The Saint-Denis Chapel which was built in XI century and which houses frescoes of the fifteenth century and was listed as an historic monument.

  • The Notre-Dame de la Pitie chapel was built in 1560 on the ruins of a Roman villa dating from the first century.

  • Jean Vigneron, a Spanish naturalized French by Louis XIV, built the chapel Sainte-Anne to thank him. It was subsequently enlarged at an unknown date. Here, traces of a Gallo-Roman habitation were found too. Today the chapel is home to temporary exhibitions during the months of July and August.

  • The Chapel of St. Anthony is more recent, dating from 1660. It is said that it was built in the place called "The Spa" because 7 sources flowed there. Today only one remains which help to irrigate land in the area.

Bagnols-en-Forêt has a very long history. Therefore, a museum was built to highlight it. The Museum of Bagnols has two spaces. Discoveries resulting from excavations between 1967 and 1988 by Guy Désirat are stored in the first one. There are pottery and objects dating from prehistoric ruins and objects from the Gallo-Roman era. The second space is devoted to crafts and rich past of the village.

Natural Heritage of the village is represented by the Blavet gorges. This volcanic massif offers many leisure activities : hiking, climbing, adventure playground and visit of the Mouréon cave.


From the A8 highway, take exit 38-Fréjus and follow the direction of Bagnols-en-Forêt on D4.




The village of Bagnols en Forêt certainly lives up to its name, with 80% of its territory covered in forest offering attractive walking routes through unspoilt countryside. Let's start with the discovery ...
City hall of Bagnols-en-foret

Maire de Bagnols-en-foret (canton de Frejus) : Monsieur TOSAN Michel.
City population : 1689 inhabitants.
Contact information :
Place de la Mairie, 83600 BAGNOLS-EN-FORET
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