photo Le Thoronet

Le Thoronet (83340)

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photo Le Thoronet

Le Thoronet (83340)

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photo Le Thoronet

Le Thoronet (83340)

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photo Le Thoronet

Le Thoronet (83340)

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tourist information

Information on the cities of Côte d'Azur Le Thoronet - Tourism Var Côte d'Azur


Le Thoronet is a small Provencal village which has managed to retain the characteristic look of market towns in the Valley of Argens. The River Argens flows through this village which enchants visitors eager to enjoy countryside and explore. Apart from its charm, Le Thoronet is especially renowned for its Cistercian Abbey, a real little gem of Romanesque architecture. Built between 1160 and 1190, the Abbaye du Thoronet (Thoronet Abbey) was home to a group of Cistercian monks who sought to withdraw from the outside world to live according to St. Benoît’s law. Thanks to grape vine cultivation and hidden in the heart of the country, the community flourished. Attracted by this success, other people came to settle here. The first hamlets thus appeared of which Le Thoronet district has a total of 13.
At the end of the Seventeenth Century, the village of Le Thoronet was built from the hamlet of La Bourgade. However, at that time it was called Sainte Marie, as it was located on the Route de Saint Jacques de Compostelle. The name of Le Thoronet came later. During the revolution, the monks were driven away and Thoronet Abbey was abandoned. The villagers used the stones to build their houses up until 1873 when the restoration of Thoronet Abbey began, made possible by Prosper Mérimée.
Aside from its heritage and vineyards, the village conceals another gem. Underground, there are bauxite mines, a rare type of ore. The village then became an extraction site for this sought-after ore, like its neighbour, the market town of Cabasse which at that time had the largest deposits of bauxite in the world. Mining came to an end for good at the end of the 1980s.
As for Le Thoronet’s history, there is evidence that the Celto-Ligurians, Knights Templar and Cistercian Monks of the “Ordre de Cîteaux” passed through.


If you are passing close to this village, you just have to go and visit Thoronet Abbey. Its tranquillity and simplicity appeal to all its visitors. The perfectly proportioned architecture gives it special acoustics. Every year, to make the most of this little gem, the Rencontres internationales de Musique Médiévale du Thoronet (medieval music festival) is held.
The village also puts on other events, such as «Leçons du Thoronet», the «Musique et Esprit» Festival, the Nocturne Artisanale, the Marché de Noël and the famous Académie de Musique Ancienne du Thoronet which is held in the month of August.


Lost in the heart of the countryside in the Varois hinterland, Le Thoronet provides lots of hiking routes, such as the Boucle du Thoronet. Walkers can explore the chalky Provencal landscape with its garrigue (scrubland) planted with holm oaks, thyme and rosemary, not forgetting the famous olive trees. Amongst the footpaths criss-crossing the district, of particular note is the botanical footpath, which provides a walk lasting around three hours. The heritage footpath will enable you to discover the hidden treasures of this side of the Varois region. You will need around 5 hours. There is also the insect footpath for those fascinated by little beasties, taking about 3 hours.
If you drop in at the village you can go for a little trip on the Argens by canoe or kayak. You can also discover secret places which are only accessible from the river.


The village of Le Thoronet is in the Varois hinterland, 20 kms from Draguignan. Not far away are the towns of Lorgues, Cabasse, Carcés, Entrecasteaux, Brignoles, Cotignac, Les Arcs and Le Muy.
By air :
There are three airports for you to choose from: ToulonHyères Airport 80 kms away; Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport 100 kms away; and Marseille-Marignane Airport 120 kms away..
By road :
On the A8 motorway, take exit 35 (Le Cannet-des-Maures) then take the N7, the D17 and the D79. When you are on the N7, you can also take the D13 to go to Le Thoronet.
By train :
The Les ArcsDraguignan TGV station is 22 kms away from Le Thoronet.

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The Thoronet Medieval Music Encounters
A magical place with outstanding acoustics, the prestigious nave of the Thoronet Cistercian abbey has been hosting, for more than twenty years, one of the most prominent European festivals of medieval music: the Thoronet Medieval Music Encounters. History ...
Tourist Office

Tourist Office :
10, Place des 3 Ormeaux
83440 Le Thoronet
Tel : 04 94 60 10 94
Fax : 04 94 60 10 57

City hall of Le thoronet

Maire de Le thoronet (canton de Lorgues) : Monsieur UVERNET Gabriel.
City population : 1539 inhabitants.
Contact information :
Place Sadi Carnot, 83340 LE THORONET
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