Website Rules and Regulations

This charter has been prepared to provide information about:

  • the conditions of using the services offered by this Website,
  • WEBSTORE's commitments regarding the protection of web surfers' private life.

A - Conditions d'utilisation
a) Generalities
The services offered by this Website are intended to let you consult and/or reserve a set of services offered by entities that are legally distinct from Webstore based on their respective GSC (General Sales Conditions).
All of the multimedia content shown on the Website's pages is provided directly by the referenced service providers for your convenience and under their entire liability.
In this context, Webstore:
  • cannot guarantee the exactness, exhaustiveness or availability of the products and/or services presented on this Website,
  • cannot be held liable for the non respect of undertakings offered by the referenced service providers,
  • declines any obligation regarding updating any documents shown on this Website that might be obsolete.
Webstore authorises the information on this Website to be consulted and edited strictly for personal use and not commercial, subject to preserving on all editions the rights to any copyright and other legal notices that might be shown on the printed documents.
Without express authorisation, Webstore forbids extracting, in any form whatsoever, all or part of the information on this Website that constitutes a database within the meaning of the Intellectual Property Code. In addition, it expressly prohibits modifying any item whatsoever on the Website in any way whatsoever. Webstore reserves the right to modify, suspend or interrupt access to all or part of the Website without prior notice.
b) Links to third party websites
Links to other websites are provided exclusively for your convenience. Consequently, Webstore declines any liability regarding these websites and in particular the information and documents they contain as well as the consequences of using such information and documents.
c) E-commerce and Reservations
In this type of transaction, the reservation of services is guaranteed based on the prices and conditions indicated by the service providers. The Website's role is limited to putting your request on line with the service providers' offers, once the service providers have confirmed the availability corresponding to your request. Consequently, the service provider alone shall be fully liable for any failure to honour the conditions of this reservation, as shown in your confirmation document. In no case does Webstore collect any payment for the reserved services. Such services are paid directly to the service providers according to the terms of their respective general sales conditions.

B - Protection of your private life
a) Personal data
The personal data (name, address, email, etc.) that you may provide us when you identify yourself in our different forms will not be sold, rented or transferred to a third party in any form whatsoever. In order to avoid any distribution or unauthorised access to this information, Webstore has implemented specific procedures designed to secure the collected information.
Confidential data, like bankcard numbers, is collected and/or transferred via an SSL encryption protocol that ensures a commonly accepted level of security
Note: The bankcard numbers are used in connection with the required guarantees and are not kept on our systems once the reservations have been processed.
b) Connection data and cookies
The connection data (IP addresses) is processed anonymously in the form of general statistics that enable the Webmaster to monitor the activity, identify and quantify errors and make sure the Website has adequate material resources. Nevertheless, and uniquely in order to ensure our conditions of use are respected and/or to protect our services, our clients or on demand the Legal authorities, we may use this information to identify you. The same is true in the case where potential "cookies" or "java applets" might be implemented to improve the service (measure traffic, etc.). Note: You can configure your browser so it doesn't accept these "cookies" or "java applets" (refer to your browser's technical instructions). After such configuration, it is possible that some of the Website's functionalities may no longer be operational.
c) French privacy and personal data protection act
In compliance with the French privacy and personal data protection act dated 6 January 1978, you are entitled to access, correct and delete your personal data. To exercise this right, including any questions pertaining to this charter, please send an email to :
The Website has submitted a declaration to the French Privacy and Personal Data Commission (CNIL = Commission nationale Informatique et Libertés) under No 889076.

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