Wednesday 29 March 2017


Sunrise 07:19
Sunset in 19:51

Sunrise 07:17
Sunset in 19:52

Difference :
3 minutes more

Full moon :
11/04 08:09

New moon :
26/04 14:17

28 jours depuis la dernière lune

It happened one 29 March

1936 : Re-occupation of the Rhineland

On 29 March 1936, the Germans voted 99% for re-occupation of the Rhineland, a demilitarized zone in the Treaty of Versailles of 28 June 1919.

1951 : Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

On 29 March 1951, the Rosenbergs were convicted of spying for the Soviet Union and sentenced to death.

1973 : U.S. troops leave Vietnam

On March 29, 1973, the last American troops left Vietnam. That concluded the direct involvement of the United States into war.

1982 : Attack on the train from Paris to Toulouse

On 29 March 1982, the Capitole, the train from Paris to Toulouse was the victim of a bomb attack near Ambazac. The attack killed 5 people and was claimed by the terrorist Carlos.

2010 : Suicide Attack in Moscow Metro

On March 29, 2010, two female suicide bombers detonated bombs in rush hour in 2 metro stations in Moscow, killing 40 people and wounding 100 others.

Quote of the day : 29 March

Bernard Blier
Experience is a comb that life gives you when you became bald.

Birthdays : 29 March

John Tyler, 10th President of the United States (1790)
Edward Smith-Stanley, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1799)
Warner Baxter, American actor (1889)
John McEwen, Prime Minister of Australia (1900)
Marcel Aymé, French writer (1902)
Eugene McCarthy, American politician (1916)
John Vane, English pharmacologist,Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1927)
Lennart Meri, President of Estonia (1929)
Utpal Dutt, Indian actor (1929)
Anerood Jugnauth, President of Mauritius (1930)
Terence Hill, Italian actor (1939)
Joseph Hooton Taylor, Jr, American astrophysicist, Nobel Prize in Physics (1941)
Eric Idle, English actor, singer, writer (Monty Python) (1943)
John Major, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1943)
Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou (Vangelis), Greek composer (1943)
Christophe Lambert, French actor (1957)
Elle Macpherson, Australian supermodel (1963)
William Oefelein, American astronaut (1965)
Robert Gibbs, American politician (1971)
Jennifer Capriati, American tennis player (1976)
Hayley McFarland, American actress (1991)

They left us one 29 March

Go-Murakami, Emperor of Japan (1368)
Marc René de Montalembert, French military engineer (1800)
Carl Orff, German composer (1982)
Bernard Blier, French actor (1989)
Paul Henreid, Austrian actor (1992)
Maurice Jarre, French composer (2009)

Tip of the Day : 29 March

Mulching your garden

To protect your plants from cold in your garden, use flax straw, not wheat-straw because it attracts slugs. Also avoid use of pine bark because it acidifies the soil.

* Warning

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