Saturday 19 October 2019


Sunrise 07:53
Sunset in 18:38

Sunrise 07:54
Sunset in 18:36

Difference :
-3 minutes less

Full moon :
12/11 15:35

New moon :
28/10 05:39

9 jours depuis la dernière lune

It happened one 19 October

1781 : Victory of the Franco-American forces at Yorktown

On October 19, 1781, 8000 British soldiers surrendered to Franco-American forces, 7000 French soldiers supported by a large fleet and 7500 U.S. men, in the town of Yorktown, Virginia. This battle marked the end of the American Revolution. Negotiations were initiated and the United States was recognized by the Treaty of Paris of Sept. 3, 1783.

1812 : Napoleon's army retreated

On October 19, 1812, Napoleon Bonaparte's Grande Armée was defeated in Moscow and had to retreat. It was a disaster : the soldiers were exhausted, hungry and constantly harassed by the Russian army. 400,000, out of the 500,000 men who had invaded Russia on June 24, 1812, died.

1956 : Joint Declaration of the Soviet and the Japanese

On October 19, 1956, the Soviet Union and Japan made a joint statement recognizing to be no longer at war. The Soviet Union declared war on Japan in 1945 and had not signed the Peace Treaty of 1951 due to territorial problem about the Kuril Islands, problems still existing 55 years later.

1973 : Nixon refuses to turn over the Watergate tapes

On October 19, 1973, U.S. President Richard Nixon refused to provide the Watergate tapes requested by the decision of a Court of Appeal.

Quote of the day : 19 October

Auguste Lumière
My invention, (the motion picture camera), can be exploited... as a scientific curiosity, but apart from that it has no commercial value whatsoever.

Birthdays : 19 October

James Butler, Duc d'Ormonde, Anglo-Irish statesman and soldier (1610)
Cassius Clay, American abolitionist (1810)
Auguste Lumière, French inventor (1862)
Miguel Asturias, Guatemalan writer, Nobel Prize in Literature (1899)
Marguerite Perey, French physicist (1909)
Paul Robert, French lexicographer (1910)
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Indian American astrophysicist, Nobel Prize in Physics (1910)
Jean Dausset, French immunologist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1916)
John le Carré, English writer (1931)
Michael Gambon, Irish-born English actor (1940)
John Lithgow, American actor (1945)
Robert Hue, French politician (1946)
Philip Pullman, English writer (1946)
Deborah Blum, American writer (1954)
Thierry Beccaro, French TV presenter (1956)
Agnès Jaoui, French actress and director (1964)
Jon Favreau, American actor and director (1966)
Yoko Shimomura, Japanese composer (1967)
Snoop Dogg, American rapper (1971)
Pras, American musician (1972)
Raúl Tamudo, Spanish footballer (1977)
Habib Beye, Senegalese footballer (1977)

They left us one 19 October

George Pullman, American inventor (1897)
Ernest Rutherford, Zealand-born British chemist and physicist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1937)
Camille Claudel, French sculptor (1943)
Nathalie Sarraute, French writer (1999)
Tom Bosley, American actor (2010)

Tip of the Day : 19 October

To avoid loosing your baby's shoes

When walking with your baby in his stroller, the baby has the annoying tendency to manage to take off his shoes. And sometimes you realize that a shoe is missing only when you arrive home. One trick to find them is to put your phone number inside the shoes. The person who will pick up the shoe, and often knows the value of these things, will have every chance to call.

* Warning

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