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1536 : Anne Boleyn arrested

On May 2nd, 1536, Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII of England, was arrested on the orders of her husband and sent to the Tower of London, ostensibly for treason and various other silly reasons and in fact for not having given a male heir to the British crown.

1945 : Fall of Berlin

On May 2, 1945, Soviet forces announced the fall of Berlin and the surrender of German troops at the place.

1946 : Alcatraz

On May 2, 1946, the prisoners of Alcatraz revolted and took possession of guns found in the armory. The battle that follows killed one guard and wounded 3 others.

1982 : ARA General Belgrano

On May 2, 1982, the Argentine cruiser ARA General Belgrano was torpedoed and sunk by a British submarine during the Falklands War. This event caused half of the casualties of this war.
The ARA General Belgrano had started life as the USS Phoenix and had participated in the Pacific War during WW2 before being sold by the U.S. to the Argentine army.

2008 : Cyclone Nargis

On May 2, 2008, Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar causing immense damage and killing at least 138,000 people (the exact number was not provided by the military regime of Myanmar).
International aid had been delayed by various limitations of government.

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Henry VIII, King o England
When you're bored with yourself, marry and be bored with someone else.

Cumpleaños : 02 Mayo

Yongle, Emperador de China (1360)
Emma Wedgwood Darwin, Naturalista Inglesa (1808)
Manfred von Richthofen, le Baron Rouge, Piloto alemán (1892)
Satyajit Ray, Director de cine indio (1921)
Serge Reggiani, Actor francés (1922)
John Neville, Actor inglés (1925)
Edouard Balladur, Político francés (1929)
Jacques Rogge, Presidente del Comité Olímpico Internacional (1942)
Paul Lederman, Productor musical francés (1942)
David Suchet, Actor inglés (1946)
Mitzi Kapture, Actriz americana (1964)
David Beckham, Futbolista Inglés (1975)
Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Skateboarder canadiense (1980)
Zat Knight, Futbolista Inglés (1980)
Tiago Mendes, Futbolista portugués (1981)
Laure Pester (Lorie), Cantante francesa (1982)
Lily Allen, Cantante inglesa (1985)
Sarah Hughes, Patinadora americana (1985)

Nos han dejado un 02 Mayo

Leonardo da Vinci, Erudito italiano (1519)
Alfred de Musset, Escritor francés (1857)
Franz von Papen, Canciller de Alemania (1969)
J. Edgar Hoover, Director de la Oficina Federal de Investigaciones (1972)
Giulio Natta, Químico italiano, Premio Nobel (1979)
Henri Toivonen, Piloto de rally finlandés (1986)
Oliver Reed, Actor inglés (1999)
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