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1919 : The U.S. Congress grants the right to vote to women

On June 4, 1919, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was adopted by Congress : it granted the right to vote to women. This development was made possible thanks to a movement for women's suffrage very active in the country.

1940 : End of the evacuation at Dunkirk

On June 4, 1940, the evacuation of Allied troops at Dunkirk had to stop when German troops captured the beach port. Operation Dynamo, which began on May 26 and had the goal of evacuating as many troops as possible with every boats possible, managed to evacuate more than 338,000 British, French and Belgian soldiers.

1942 : Start the Battle of Midway

On June 4, 1942, the Battle of Midway began, in the middle of the Pacific. The Japanese had planned to attack to destroy the last ships of U.S. forces. However, U.S. intelligence managed to intercept and decode Japanese messages, and the american troops actually anticipated the attack. Despite a fierce battle, the Japanese forces were stopped and very significant damage were done to their fleet. This battle marked the turning point of the Pacific War: From this moment, U.S. forces began the offensive on Guadalcanal and did not stop until the final victory.

1989 : Tiananmen Square Massacre

On June 4, 1989, Chinese troops, who began the day before to invest the Tiananmen Square in Beijing, where hundreds of thousands of students had gathered for weeks to demand more democracy, fired on the crowd killing hundreds of people and arrested over 10,000 people.
Chinese repression shocked in many countries including in the Soviet Union then in full democratization and Mikhail Gorbachev expressed his grief at these events.

1989 : Pipeline explosion in Russia

On June 4, 1989, a natural-gas pipeline exploded just before the passage of two trains, in the Ural Mountains in Russia. Nearly 600 people were killed and many others severely burned. The accident was caused by mishandling of technicians of the pipeline.

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Mabel Lucie Attwell, Ilustradora británica (1879)
Mary Rose-Anna Travers (La Bolduc), Cantante canadiense (1894)
Rosalind Russell, Actriz americana (1907)
Robert F. Furchgott, Bioquímico americano, Premio Nobel de Medicina (1916)
John Drew Barrymore, Actor americano (1932)
Seamus Elliott, Ciclista irlandés (1934)
Nutan, Actriz india (1936)
Bruce Dern, Actor americano (1936)
Louis Reichardt, Montañista estadounidense (1942)
Antoine, Cantante francés (1944)
Val McDermid, Escritora escocesa (1955)
Paul Stewart, Escritor inglés de libros para niños (1955)
Keith David, Actor americano (1956)
Cecilia Bartoli, Mezzo-soprano italiana (1966)
Scott Wolf, Actor americano (1968)
Izabella Scorupco, Actriz polaca (1970)
James Callis, Actor inglés (1971)
Joseph Kabila, Presidente de la República Democrática del Congo (1971)
Noah Wyle, Actor americano (1971)
Angelina Jolie, Actriz americana (1975)
Nenad Zimonjić, Jugador de tenis serbio (1976)
Dionisis Chiotis, Futbolista griego (1977)
Alex Manninger, Futbolista austriaco (1977)
Emmanuel Eboué, Futbolista de Costa de Marfil (1983)
Koffi Ndri Romaric, Futbolista de Costa de Marfil (1983)
Evan Lysacek, Patinador artístico americano (1985)
Bar Refaeli, Modelo israelí (1985)

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Antonio José de Sucre, Líder de la independencia venezolana (1830)
Zhang Zuolin, Señor de la guerra chino (1928)
Reinhard Heydrich, Jefe de la Oficina Principal de Seguridad en la Alemania nazi (1942)
Katherine MacDonald, Actriz americana (1956)
Dorothy Gish, Actriz americana (1968)
Maurice Fréchet, Matemático francés (1973)
Nino Manfredi, Actor italiano (2004)
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