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1789 : Creation of the National Constituent Assembly

On July 9, 1789, at the beginning of the French Revolution, in Versailles, the National Assembly decided to become the National Constituent Assembly to prepare the country's constitution. The National Constituent Assembly was dissolved on Sept. 30, 1791 and became the Legislative Assembly.

1941 : The British broke the Enigma code

On July 9, 1941, the British manage to break the Enigma code used for the German operations on the Eastern Front. The British had already deciphered many Enigma codes used by the Germans on the Western Front. The Germans thought their codes were inviolable. But the British could intercept most of the German messages and share them with their allies.

1947 : First female officer in the U.S. Army

On July 9, 1947, General Eisenhower appointed Florence Blanchfield, superintendent of the Army Nurse Corps during the second World War, as a Lieutenant Colonel. She is the first woman to obtain a permanent position as an officer in the U.S. Army.

1947 : Elizabeth announces her engagement

On July 9, 1947, the eldest daughter of the King of England, Elizabeth, announced her engagement to Philip Mountbatten, a member of the Greek and Danish royal families.

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Independance Day in Argentina
July 9 is the Independence Day in Argentina which commemorate Independence gained against Spain in 1816.
International Gun Destruction Day
July 9 is the International Gun Destruction Day due to the United Nations initiative. Each year, 800,000 guns are destroyed in the world but 8 million are produced. Hundreds of thousands of deaths are due to small weapons, in particular unregulated weapons. 1 million guns are lost or stolen each year and hundreds of thousands by police and armies.

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Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh
To a driving instructor in Scotland :
How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to get them through the test?

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Barbara Cartland, Novelista inglesa (1901)
John Archibald Wheeler, Físico estadounidense (1911)
Susan Cabot, Actriz americana (1927)
Federico Bahamontes, Ciclista español (1928)
Hassan II, Rey de Marruecos (1929)
Oliver Sacks, Neurólogo y psiquiatra inglés (1933)
Brian Dennehy, Actor americano (1938)
Dean Koontz, Escritor americano (1945)
O. J. Simpson, Futbolista americano, condenado a 33 años por robo a mano armada y secuestro (1947)
Tom Hanks, Actor y director de cine americano (1956)
Kelly McGillis, Actriz americana (1957)
Jim Kerr, Cantante escocés (Simple Minds) (1959)
Courtney Love, Músico americano (1964)
Enrique Murciano, Actor americano (1973)
Jack White, Músico americano (The White Stripes) (1975)
Fred Savage, Actor americano (1976)
Ashley Young, Futbolista Inglés (1985)
Georgie Henley, Actriz inglesa (1995)

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Zachary Taylor, 12 º Presidente de los Estados Unidos (1850)
Amedeo Avogadro, Químico italiano (1856)
Rod Steiger, Actor americano (2002)
Yevgeny Grishin, Patinador de velocidad ruso (2005)
André Chouraqui, Escritor israelí francés (2007)
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