eso ha pasado un 11 Enero

1693 : Earthquake in Sicily

On January 11, 1693, Mount Etna erupted and caused an earthquake throughout southern Italy, Sicily and Malta.

1879 : Beginning of the Anglo-Zulu War

On January 11, 1879 began the Anglo-Zulu war which ended on July 4 by the British victory and the end of the independence of the Zulu nation.

1908 : The Grand Canyon became a National Park

On January 11, 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt declared the Grand Canyon a National Park to preserve a unique natural site. The mines were replaced by tourists. The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and was made by the Colorado River.

1964 : Smoking is bad

On January 11, 1964, Luther Leonidas Terry surgeon reported that smoking could be dangerous for health and cause lung cancer.

1966 : Floods and landslides in Rio

On January 11, 1966, torrential rains hit the region of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, causing floods and landslides. The most affected districts were the favelas (Brazilian shantytowns) with their precarious houses on steep slopes. More than 400 people were killed, often buried under the mud.

1998 : Massacre in Algeria

On January 11, 1998, 50 armed men attacked the town of Sidi-Hamed, south of Algiers, killing men, women and children and blowing up buildings and mosque. 103 people were killed and 30 girls were kidnapped. The massacre was attributed to the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria (GIA).

Actualidad del día : 11 Enero

Beginning of Winter Sales
On January 11, 2012, the winter sales start. They will last five weeks until February 14, 2012.

Cita del día : 11 Enero

Proverbe Indien
The world seems dark when the eyes are closed.
Pierre Véron, écrivain et poète Français
A month before the wedding, he speaks, she listens. One month after the wedding, she speaks, he listens. Ten years after marriage, they talk together and the neighbors listen.

Cumpleaños : 11 Enero

Abd-ar-Rahman III, Emir y califa de Córdoba (889)
Komyo, Emperador de Japón (1322)
Go-En'yu, Emperador de Japón (1359)
Joseph Charles Arthur, Botánico (1850)
George Washington Pierce, Físico (1872)
Pierre Mendès-France, Político francés (1905)
Lionel Stander, Actor americano (1908)
Bernard Blier, Actor (1916)
Ernle Bradford, Escritor (1922)
Roger Guillemin, Neurólogo francés, Premio Nobel de Medicina (1924)
Rod Taylor, Actor americano (1930)
Jean Chrétien, 20o Primer Ministro de Canadá (1934)
Shibu Soren, Político (1944)
Terry Williams, Músico galés (Dire Straits) (1948)
Marc Blucas, Actor (1972)
Amanda Peet, Actriz estadounidense (1972)
Emile Heskey, Futbolista inglés (1978)
Jamelia, Cantante inglesa (1981)

Nos han dejado un 11 Enero

John Molson, Cervecera canadiense (1836)
Francis Scott Key, Abogado y escritor (1843)
Georges Haussmann, Planner of Paris (1891)
Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, General francés (1952)
Lal Bahadur Shastri, Primer ministro de la India (1966)
Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, Aviador americano (1988)
Isidor Isaac Rabi, Físico (1988)
Carl David Anderson, Físico (1991)
Lewis Nixon, U.S. Army officer (1995)
Maurice Pialat, Director de cine (2003)
Edmund Hillary, Nueva Zelanda montañista (2008)
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