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1867 : Execution of the Emperor of Mexico

On June 19, 1867, Emperor Maximilian 1st of Mexico, an Austrian archduke installed by Napoleon III in 1864 was executed by Republican forces.
In 1861, the English, French and Spanish naval forces were sent to Mexico following the announcement by the new President Benito Juarez of the impossibility of continuing to repay the debt of his country. After negotiations, the British and Spanish had gone home. But France had decided to take the opportunity to take the country. The heavily armed French forces managed to take control of a large part of the country, despite some stinging defeats, as at the Battle of Puebla, and installed an emperor. In 1867, under pressure from the United States, the French withdrew and Maximilian was abandoned to its fate.

1917 : King George V changes its name

On June 19, 1917, during World War I and while the anti-German feeling is highly developed in England, King George V decided to change his Germanic-sounding surname Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor.

1938 : A flood washed away a railway bridge before the arrival of a train

On June 19, 1938, a bridge is washed away during a flash flood of the Custer Creek river in Terry, Montana. The train which arrived soon after fell into the river and was drowned in the mud. 46 people were re killed and many injured.

1953 : Execution of the Rosenbergs

On June 19, 1953, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are executed for espionage in Sing Sing Prison, New York. They were arrested in 1950 for providing information about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union.
They were members of the Communist Party and the brother of the young woman, himself accused of spying, had testified against them. In the Cold War, these developments led to a death sentence for the couple.

1987 : A bomb exploded in the car park of a supermarket in Barcelona

On June 19, 1987, a car bomb exploded in the underground car park of a supermarket in Barcelona. The attack that killed 21 people and injured many more was claimed by the Basque separatist organization ETA. The authors of the attack were sentenced to 790 years in prison.

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George V d'Angleterre
Is it possible that my people live in such awful conditions? I tell you, ..., that if I had to live in conditions like that I would be a revolutionary myself.

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May Whitty, Actriz inglesa (1865)
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Cyril Norman Hinshelwood, Químico Inglés, Premio Nobel (1897)
Lou Gehrig, Jugador de béisbol estadounidense (1903)
Louis Jourdan, Actor francés (1921)
Aage Bohr, Físico danés, premio Nobel (1922)
Gena Rowlands, Actriz americana (1930)
Pier Angeli, Actriz americana (1932)
Václav Klaus, Político checo (1941)
Aung San Suu Kyi, Político birmano, Premio Nobel de la Paz (1945)
Radovan Karadžić, Político serbio, que se celebró por el tribunal internacional de La Haya por crímenes de guerra (1945)
Salman Rushdie, Escritor indio (1947)
Phylicia Rashād, Actriz americana (1948)
Ayman al-Zawahiri, Egipcio islamista, líder de al-Qaeda (1951)
Francesco Moser, Ciclista italiano (1951)
Kathleen Turner, Actriz americana (1954)
Paula Abdul, Cantante americana (1962)
Sadie Frost, Actriz inglesa (1965)
Mia Sara, Actriz americana (1967)
Rahul Gandhi, Político indio (1970)
Poppy Montgomery, Actriz australiana (1975)
José Kléberson, Futbolista brasileño (1979)
José Ernesto Sosa, Futbolista argentino (1985)

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Ramón López Velarde, Poeta mexicano (1921)
Thomas J. Watson, Fundador de IBM (1956)
Michel Colucci (Coluche), Humorista francés (1986)
Jean Arthur, Actriz americana (1991)
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