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Ayurveda and Panchakarma Centre in Nice

Ayurveda and Panchakarma Centre in Nice

An Indian approach to holistic well-being

8, avenue Shakespeare in NICE
Tel 04 93 71 24 42
Languages spoken: French, English, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

Above the ground floor of a bourgeois building located in the middle of Nice, this private Ayurvedic centre is dedicated to psycho-physical well-being.
Set up by a Ayurvedic therapist who has practiced for over 30 years in Sri Lanka and Europe, the centre's team of qualified practitioners offer individual tradition treatments native to India.
Ayurveda (“The complete knowledge for long life” and the “Science of Life and Health”) is the most ancient science for well-being promoting mental and spiritual contentment.
All therapies are used to relieve tension, anxiety and stress: Panchakarma therapy (5 purification techniques) eliminates toxins embedded in the body's muscles.
Disintoxication is essential in the Ayurvedic tradition, two or four-handed massages performed with therapeutic oils; Shirodhara treatments (tepid oil poured slowly onto the forehead to balance the upper body); and Sarvangadhara (a thin line of tepid oil is poured on the body's joints to eliminate toxins) relieve tension, anxiety and stress.
This holistic approach is offered by Adèle, Nevio, Dalila and Corinne whose attentive welcome and personal attention contribute to restoring your confidence and inner calm.


02 Juin 2011
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