Activity - Cooking Courses at the Bistro des Fleurs

Cooking Courses at the Bistro des Fleurs

"Cooking Courses at the Bistro des Fleurs" in Tourrettes sur Loup

Floral dishes in association with chef Yves Terrillon

Le Bistrot des Fleurs
16, Route de Grasse - Pont du Loup
06140 Tourrettes sur Loup
Tel : 33 (0)4 92 11 06 94

Classes last 1.5 hours and are held on Fridays (afternoon and evening) and every other Saturday plus tasting sessions.
Price: €45

In the middle of violet flower county, 50m from its shop and museum, Florian the confectioners shares its range of creations in association with chef Yves Terrillon.
Cookery courses, inspired by Florian's products and Yves Terrillon’s “Petals and Flavours” product range, are held in the Bistrot des Fleurs workshop, a large well-lit area overlooking the gorge of the river Loup.
There are 25 places available for participatory workshops, and 45 places for demonstrations, where students/spectators are given tips and recipes by the chef. Tailored classes are also available upon request.
Ranging from starters to desserts, interesting, modern and elegant floral dishes from Provence are created and then shared together after each class around the large dining table in the dining area.
There is a different theme for every month:
April: Cooking with chocolate
May: The Rosa Centifolia of Grasse
June: Field flowers
July: Verbena

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07 Avril 2011
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