photo Cooking lessons at the Moulin de Mougins

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Cooking lessons at the Moulin de Mougins

The Moulin de Mougins offers you the possibility of learning to cook with the great chef, Sébastien Chambru recipient of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France title in recognition of his outstanding culinary craftsmanship. Students are taught Chef Chambru’s recipes, technical tips and flavour combination ideas in lessons that are totally hands on. To make the experience complete, the restaurant also offers wine tasting courses at its "Ecole du Vin" as well as Lesson + Lunch at the Moulin packages – both excellent ways to fully explore the pleasure of cooking!

Minimum of 4 persons per cooking lesson; maximum of 10 persons.

1028 Avenue Notre-Dame de Vie
06250 Mougins
Tel: 04 93 75 78 24

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05 Avril 2012
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