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Whenever I tell someone I'm going to Nice the response is always the same: “Nice, nice!”. And yes, this must be one of the most boring jokes there is, but it is true. Nice is nice! I would go even further, and say that Nice is probably one of the best cities in the world. It is an exuberant metropolitan with beaches, the Mediterranean, a weather that never lets you down, cultural venues, French traditions, parties, and cheerful, open-minded people. This is not going to be an ordinary presentation of Nice, like the one you can find in every guide book. I'm going to be subjective, and tell you about my favourite places in Nice

Beach: My favourite beach is the public side of Neptune. It is just opposite the beautiful hotel Negresco, and it is also close to an ice cream shop in the corner of Promenade des Anglais and rue Gambetta. Here you can buy sandwiches and paninis to go for lunch.
In the night I prefer Opéra Plage. There are always a lot of people here, just hanging out and drinking some wine as they watch the sunset. And it is close to the Old Town if you would want to go to a bar later on!

Shopping: Avenue Jean Médecin is the name of the main street in Nice, here you can find a lot of different stores. Start your shopping spree by Gare Thiers and then take a stroll down Jean Médicin to Place Massena, you will have plenty of stores to visit on the way.
Then take a tour in Le Vieux Nice. Here you can find a lot of boutiques, mostly souvenir shops. Try one before you decide it is too “touristic” for you, you might actually find something nice here!
If you are into vintage clothing you just have to visit the vintage boutique Caprice (12 Rue Droite). I also recommend a visit to the flee market on Cours Saleya, it takes place every Monday.

Restaurant: If you want to try typical French and Mediterranean food in a both charming and unique setting I propose a visit to the restaurant “Chez Mêmêre” (6 Rue Francis Gallo) in le Vieux Nice. Here you can have delicious food for a reasonable price, the menu is quite original and the service is great. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, and going here almost feels like coming home.

After dinner, continue to Place Rosetti and have an ice cream for dessert, here they have all kinds of flavours. Be wild and try something you never tried before, like “violette”, it is actually really tasty!


25 Juillet 2013
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