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The Francophone Games

From 07 Septembre 2013 to 15 Septembre 2013

Nice will host the VIIth Jeux de la Francophonie in 2013 and Estrosi signed Tuesday, December 14, the specification formalizing its commitment to make copies Games.

This document is the result of a joint and extensive work between the International Committee Games of the Francophonie, led by Mahaman Lawan Seriba, and the working group set up as a preview of the National Committee for the Games of La Francophonie. This specification reflects the two major characteristics of the Francophone Games:

- These are government games. It was France that has been chosen to host the seventh edition and has delegated the organization to the city of Nice. Also, the working group that participated in the drafting of specifications combined the services of the State and those of the city of Nice.
- The statutory rules of these games have provided a double between the International Steering Committee and the Local Committee . This control must be carried out in a harmonious and complementary to allow the success of the Games. This is what it must serve the specifications, real contractual relationship between the parties.

In 2013, the Francophonie will also be the guest of honor at the Carnaval de Nice.

"Génération Francophonie"
The concept of "Generation Francophonie" developed by the city of Nice aims to permanently install the Francophone dynamic, developing during the 4 years preceding the games exchange and transfer of experiences between countries.

Les sports et les arts représentés pour 2013
Sports : Football, basket-ball, wrestling, judo, table tennis, handicap sports
Demonstration Sports : la pétanque,symbol of Mediterranean Culture
Arts : Literature, stories, songs , photography, visual arts, street arts, dance creation. demonstration Arts
Demonstration Arts : Literature, stories, songs , photography, visual arts, street arts, dance creation. demonstration Arts.

The Francophone Games
The Games of La Francophonie was created in 1987 by the International Organization of the Francophonie Abdou Diouf headed. The goal is to essentially contribute to the promotion of peace and development through meetings and exchanges between young Francophones. These are 70 countries that make up the Francophonie on five continents. 's Francophone Games have revealed the big names in both sports as Marie-Josee Perec, Donovan Bailey, David Douillet, respectively Hicham El Guerrouj World Champions and Olympic Champions in culture with Curado Mayra Andrade who is now working with Ismael Lo and Cesaria Evora Stéphane Balleu, which was awarded the Albert Camus in Brussels in 2006.


16 Août 2013
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