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A refined and spiced journey into the heart of India
35, rue d'Angleterre,
Tél 04 93 88 99 40

Taking inspiration from the aristocratic family homes of Northern India known as the Havelies, the atmosphere created by the interior of this restaurant immediately transports you to another world. The colourful décor, ornamented with handmade objects, is a feast of reds and oranges, beautifully softened with dim lighting. The native Punjabi chef and his second share with us a complex cuisine that combines the delicate flavours of over 25 spices. The North Indian specialities offered include Tandoor oven-baked dishes, Biryanis (spiced basmati rice dishes), vegetarian Thalis, naan flat breads also made in Tandoor ovens, and traditional desserts such as the delicious saffron infused ice-cream, known as Kulfi. Massala tea, a blend of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger, is the perfect accompaniment to meals that can also be ordered for take-away. You are guaranteed to leave this little corner of India satisfied both by the flavours and sunny colours of the Havelie, as well as the warm welcome proffered by owners, Anil Manchada and his wife.

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