photo Chez Tom and Léa

Chez Tom et Léa©
photo Chez Tom and Léa

Chez Tom et Léa©
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Chez Tom and Léa

A colourful boutique shop full of great ideas

This is a little boutique shop hidden within the heart of the the Old Nice alleyways and this is where we suggest you try and find : Chez Tom and Léa. Specialising in children’s educational material, this is a true gold mine for anything to do with children. There are also children’s clothes, games, fashion article and hundreds of other objects of all types. It is the perfect place to find the very thing you think will suit your child. Furthermore, many of the articles can be personalised thanks to embroidery.

The shop window is frequently dressed up in a rich and colourful manner each time displaying new goods on offer. This is just as much of a reason to deliberately look out for this unique boutique of its type.

Opening hours : 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day except Mondays
Annual closure : January

9, Rue de la Boucherie
06000 Nice
Tel: 1.35€ per call and 0.34€ per minute Connection number valid for 5 minutes.


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